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Kingdom of Myrr Elevates Male Knight
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Mon Jun 24 2013, 03:18AM
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The following article is posted and republished in various places where your character can access it:

The sarr Kingdom of Myrr has allowed the elevation of Ammar Ibn Hasna Eskander Patií, a male, to noble title within the City of Yekshah in the Nishapur Forest. Sangar Eskander has been appointed to the Evendarrian equivalent title of Knight Protector of Yekshah. By tradition, Myrr’s society and leadership structure is matriarchal. Only in the past 10 years could males even dream of such an achievement in their homeland. Sangar Eskander is the third male elevated to noble status in Myrr, and the first elevated outside of the Sari region.

Sangar Eskander’s name gained renown through Avalon recently when thieves pilfered the aspirant knight’s enchanted portrait from an auction to benefit the Kitheria School of Art. Mithra Neshaninejad, originally of Myrr and recently of Dar Khabad, presented her painting, “Yearning” at the auction, a depiction of Eskander prior to his noble elevation. Sarr throughout Avalon viewed the artist’s choice of subject as highly controversial given wildly varying opinions on the notion of a male holding formal title in their homeland. A radical group calling itself the “Matriarch’s Claw” stands foremost in consideration for theft of the painting which disappeared moments before the scheduled auction on 27 April 613. Authorities believe the thieves may have traveled into the Kingdom of Dalantia, or possibly split and entered Evendarr’s Duchy of Greyhorn. As of this writing, the painting has not been recovered, however.

Myrrish society is highly divided in opinion after the announcement of Sangar Eskander’s elevation. Citizens supporting their view of forward social progress have taken to wearing armbands or headbands with one or more flowers symbolizing the renewal they see their homeland. Sarr protesting the elevation are choosing to wear braided armbands or headbands in black and white to display their objection.

The young knight plans an ambassadorial mission to the Kingdom of Evendarr to greet its new king, and “To show the gorbé citizens of Evendarr that change is possible back home.” Sangar Eskander says that he hopes to invite Evendarrian sarr to open a dialog with their homeland. The Myrrish Ambassador plans to greet Evendarr’s Prince of Northmarch, Edmond Corbielle, in the Duchy of Elysia on 13 July. Afterward, the knight’s entourage will progress toward the nine-day-long celebration hosted by the Duchy of Fengate over 2–10 August 613. Sangar Eskander will present himself to King Johann Storm of House Endarr during the king’s open court over the first weekend of the celebration. In the meanwhile, Sangar Eskander is said to have been busy extending greetings to sarr conclaves throughout Avalon, including hopeful supporters as far away as the court of King Rosha Silvermane and Queen Eleona Whitecrest-Silvermane of The Hinterlands.

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