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The New and Improved Break Charm
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Thu Jun 27 2013, 01:45PM
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I have a couple of questions regarding the new Break Charm effect.

Text for reference:
Break Charm
This skill can be used an unlimited number of times per day exactly as described in the 9th edition NERO rulebook. However, it may be expended for the day to break an Enslavement effect, regardless of delivery method.

How do we go about using the ability to break Enslavement? Do I invoke an Enslavement Antidote, similar to other abilities? Does it take 60 seconds, or 3 in that case? If an attempt to break an enslavement is made when no enslavement exists, is the BC ability expended or not? Similarly if the attempt to break an enslavement is interrupted, is the ability expended?

The difficulty here is that it relies on player intent and no obvious external indications whether I'm trying to break a charm or an enslavement. My RP will probably give some indication, likely, but that also depends on the status/hostility/etc of the other person. Using intent unfortunately leaves it vague and lets people try to cheat it by stating they were only attempting to break a charm, not an enslavement.

(I admit to stealing part of my question from a local rules discussion board, felt it should get Nat'l attention.)
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Fri Jun 28 2013, 01:59PM
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Don't put quotes around my words or anything!
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Fri Jun 28 2013, 07:58PM
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I said I stole it!
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Mon Jul 15 2013, 02:11PM
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Any updates on this from National? Some clarification would be lovely.
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Mon Jul 15 2013, 04:02PM
Joseph Valenti

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Let's discusss
I am thinking it should be one skill that works on both affects. if disrupted, it is not used/lost. at the end of the 60-second role play period in which the player is using their Break Charm skill, the user states 'I just used my break charm or enslavement on you, does it work?' or something similar. it is entirely on the honor system, the user counts the 60 seconds of uninterrupted role play, and we have no fear of our members cheating. If it has no effect, it is used.
Does this sound good?
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Tue Jul 23 2013, 06:27AM
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If a spell is disrupted you can meditate it back.
Why does this skill not have the same restrictions?
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Tue Jul 23 2013, 07:36PM
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It can be "meditated" back, but if used on some thing and has no effect on them it is still used can't meditate spells that have hit target and have no effect either.
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Wed Jul 24 2013, 12:47PM
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I like that use of the system, though I might suggest a different verbal instead of 'I just used my break charm or enslavement on you, does it work?'

At the end of my 60 second role-play, previously I've just stated the name of the skill, Break Charm, and the intent gets across quite well. I was wondering if we could standardize this effect call as well? Perhaps have it be that at the end of the role-play, you state "Break Charm" to inform them that you've used the skill, and "Break Charm, I invoke Enslavement Antidote" to show that you're using it to break an enslavement effect, as these are already fairly standard calls in our system, and it removes ambiguity as to which effect you are doing?
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Fri Aug 09 2013, 07:12PM
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Or how about: After 60 seconds of role play the user of this skill touches the target with a packet and states either, "Break Charm," or "Break Enslavement."
I don't seen a need for invoking, or using the word antidote as that would make someone think of the alchemical item.
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Sun Oct 13 2013, 04:12PM
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coming fresh to this discussion I think calls of "Break Charm" or "Break Enslavement" are clearer and otherwise the consensus is good.
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