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Kaurath Considers Signing Accords of Avalon
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Thu Jun 27 2013, 02:14PM
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The Kingdom of Kaurath has entered discussions with the Kingdom of Evendarr regarding Kaurath’s potential signature of the Accords of Avalon. In a letter to High King Bulzaric Kaurathel of Kaurath, King Johann Storm of House Endarr of Evendarr invited Kaurath to consider agreement on the Accords as a way to unite the two kingdoms in friendship.

Kaurath consists of nine separate kingdoms under the rule of High King Bulzaric, in addition to other smaller countries and groups of people who, while aligned with the Kaurathel people are not under the rule of the High King. One region, Vorlanal, held by a large, united grouping of barbarian tribes, eschews use of Celestial Magic, and instead relies heavily on “battle magic” derived from Chaos. Another independent kingdom, although not currently one of the Nine Kingdoms of Kaurath, known as the Barrowheart, has suffered a curse for over 500 years. Until very recently, many of the people of the Barrowheart were cursed to walk the earth as undead, while the lands themselves spawned cursed atrocities. The peerage of the Kingdom of Kaurath hold to a strict “Path of Nobility” which even Evendarr has admired in rumored development of its own Royal School of Chivalry. Its dedication to chivalry may be the strongest commonality between the two kingdoms.

For ten years, Kaurath has resisted signature of the Accords due to the kingdom’s laws concerning “battle magic,” various differences in nobility and treatment of noble status, and its dedication to protect the afflicted in the Barrowheart. Kaurath will not agree to the Accords’ prohibition against Necromancy, which includes any effect that aids undead. Rumors out of negotiations between the two realms indicate that Kaurath may have other reasons to resist signature as well, including concern about Evendarr’s imperialist desires. Whispers from the Kaurathi courts indicate that some of its nobles have sworn to renounce their titles should their kingdom sign the Accords of Avalon, or any sort of letter of agreement with “imperialist” Evendarr.

King Johann asked High King Bulzaric to deliver Kaurath’s response by 2 August 613, when the Evendarrian monarch will hold open court in the Duchy of Fengate. Kaurath has reportedly responded early to Evendarr’s outstretched hand, and rumors indicate that King Johann may receive good news from the far-flung kingdom well to the north of Evendarr’s topmost borders. Kaurath will formally present its response to its closest Evendarrian neighbor, Prince Edmond Corbielle of Northmarch, in Evendarr’s Duchy of Elysia on 13 July 613. Meanwhile, informal copies of the Kaurathi response are circulating throughout Evendarr’s high courts. The King of Evendarr has asked each of the Princes and Dukes of the Realm to consider the matter, and deliver by letter any wisdom or advice they wish to share with their liege. Copies of the Kaurathi letter will circulate southward from Evendarr’s Duchy of Ravenholt, and northward from its Duchy of Sutherland in the next few weeks.

King Johann Storm will hold court open to the commons in Fengate during the first two days of its nine-day festival in August. After Evendarr has had the opportunity to review the letter from Kaurath, and advice from the reaches of its five principalities, Kaurath expects to receive King Johann’s response during its autumn court which opens on 13 September.
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