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formal magic casting
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Tue Jul 02 2013, 10:57PM
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There has been some debate around my local chapters as to what qualifies as a formal capable circle.

Does it have to be a extended circle? Does it have to be a platform? Can it be inside of a protective circle?

What are the requirements exactly to cast any formal magic.

Can I draw a circle on the ground and use that?
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Wed Jul 03 2013, 12:32AM
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A circle with two lines going off of it, called a fish tail is required. It may be drawn or formed with a physical representation. A spell does not need cast. There must be runes, decorations, and/or physreps to show a formal magic is taking place to anyone observing. These are the minimum circle requirements that I have seen.

You can still use a platform to my knowledge.
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Wed Jul 03 2013, 12:49PM
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As Beren said; formal circles no longer require that a spell be cast, but it must be represented by a fishtail that contains sigils/runes/symbols/fetishes/implements - or some kind of prop to indicate powerful magic is going to be cast.

This "fishtail" is not protective in any way.

You can put a Circle of Power cast from memory around this, you can also put this fishtail inside a Protective Circle of Power or an Extended Circle of Power.

The Create Formal Platform formal magic was removed from 9th as a caster no longer required to expend a 9th level spell to make a formal platform, there are likely ones out there that may not yet have expired this year.

So to answer your questions:
- No it does not have to be in an extended circle
- Yes it does essentially have to be in a formal platform (but is not required to be in the old formal magic version of this)
- Yes it can be inside a protective circle
- These are covered on pg7 of the Formal Rules
- Yes, so long as it meets the requirements of the fishtail design and the other requirements to show that powerful magic is being cast.

That's just the rules side of it, there could be weird plot reasons for complications to this but overall those are the rules.
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