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Enchanted Painting of Sangar Eskander Destroyed
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Thu Jul 04 2013, 02:31PM
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The following article is posted and republished in various places where your character can access it:

The location of an enchanted portrait of Sangar Ammar Ibn Hasna Eskander Patií of the Kingdom of Myrr, stolen in April, has been discovered with tragic results. The painting surfaced in The Hinterlands, a kingdom far in the north of Avalon, in the hands of a radical sect of sarr which calls itself The Matriach’s Claw. Sangar Eskander’s portrait was destroyed during a scuffle among onlookers in the royal court of The Hinterlands and the Myrrish visitors.

Sangar Eskander’s name has been spoken throughout Avalon in past months due to his recent elevation to noble status from the City of Yekshah in the Kingdom of Myrr. The sarr homeland is a traditional and strict matriarchy, and only in the past ten years could male sarr dream of elevation to noble title. Prior to the announcement of Sangar Eskander’s elevation, an enchanted portrait of the hopeful young knight was stolen from an art auction in Evendarr’s Duchy of Kitheria. Art collectors, dealers in magical talismans, sarr, and those interested in the developing situation in Yekshah all have been searching for the painting far and wide since April.

Queen Eleona Whitecrest-Silvermane and King Rosha Silvermane of The Hinterlands entertained guests at a court dinner on 29 June 613. Members of The Matriarch’s Claw entered the rolling fields of Sheridan which hosted the outdoor summer banquet, and begged audience before the sarr monarchs. “On behalf of the daughters and sons of the true Myrr,” The Matriarch’s Claw presented the royal court of The Hinterlands with a framed canvas as a gift. King Rosha examined the offering long enough to ascertain its nature as the now famous stolen portrait of Sangar Eskander. King Rosha Silvermane demanded to know why The Matriach’s Claw would insult his court with a tainted gift of stolen goods. Witnesses claim that an argument ensued which called upon the Accords of Avalon that bind together The Hinterlands, Myrr, and Evendarr in an alliance of cooperative law.

According to bystanders, the soft voice of Queen Eleona hushed the crowd with her serene and understated power. All eyes in the hall then noticed the unusual addition to the Queen’s elegant garb: an armband of woven roses and carnations. A fashion trend which started in Myrr has now spread like a storm across all parts of Avalon, even beyond the sarr race to supporters and opponents among all races. Those protesting Sangar Eskander’s elevation are choosing to wear braided armbands or headbands in black and white to display their objection to this break from tradition. Those supporting their view of forward social progress have taken to wearing armbands or headbands with one or more flowers symbolizing the renewal they see in Myrr. Witnesses in The Hinterlands report that the Queen commanded the attention of the whole gathering with but soft words spoken, and the sight of her flowered armband immediately elicited quick apologies from The Matriach’s Claw for their offense.

Unfortunately, the apologies masked an attempt to pilfer the gift from the royal table, and deliver it back into the hands of The Matriarch’s Claw. That party leader exchanged heated words with King Rosha, allegedly accusing His Majesty of abandoning Myrr and, “Accepting the path of a cowardly infection to the blood of Myrr!” King Rosha had but to rise and place his hand on the hilt of his sword to elicit the immediate support of all gathered around him. The previously tranquil banquet guests exploded into action. A visiting were-bear placed himself before Queen Eleona to protect her. A furious but brief battle ensued, ultimately quelled only by the insistent protests of the Queen. Sir Azure Cale of Clan Griffonclaw in The Hinterlands, Archmage of Fire and Fury, another male of the Patií lineage of Myrr, and Sir Hrothgar MacDuff, a dwarf of Clan Icewyrm, subdued the unwelcome Myrrish rapscallions. When peace settled over the field, the sarr monarchs of The Hinterlands were devastated to see that Sangar Eskander’s portrait was destroyed in the fray, the result of alchemical accelerant and fire. King Rosha ordered the troublemakers subdued, and escorted to jail under heavy guard.

“Heavy guard” turned into every adventurer present at the royal court of The Hinterlands marching in escort to see members of The Matriarch’s Claw locked safely behind bars. When the villains persisted in their insulting behavior with threats to the royal family, King Rosha ended any attempt at interrogation with the order to send the Myrrians to Evendarr for their trial.

Wizards in the royal court of The Hinterlands are presently examining the remains of what was once the portrait by Mithra Neshaninejad entitled, “Yearning.” They hope to discover if any remnant of the special enchantment remains, or could be repaired. Its nature remains confidential, but sources close to the royal household in The Hinterlands claim that Queen Eleona and King Rosha may understand more. The royal couple is allegedly in possession of a letter from Sangar Eskander which may speak of the painting and the true nature of this now mysterious ensorcellment.

Meanwhile, it is said that armbands both of black and white, and some of flowers and red silk, made from the Queen’s own armband, have been often seen in public in The Hinterlands after the incident, and not merely among the sarr. King Rosha himself is said now to proudly display his support for Sangar Eskander’s elevation. Said the King, “It is a shame with how much history, honor and wisdom Myrr possesses that she remains so young in being progressive and adaptive unlike her beginning. Many sons and daughters of Myrr have been brought up outside her borders, outside her traditions, but that does not mean their worth is of any less value to her. Myrr has shunned great heroes and legends she could have claimed and loved as her own. She has much growing up left to do.” Sir Azure stated that while he believes that Myrrian society should remain matriarchal, “The potential for a titled male should no longer be held back or ignored.” Not every sarr has yet declared for one viewpoint or the other, however. Draknalus Mirabad, Cold Iron Battlemage of the Wyldpack and Fae Slayer of The Hinterlands said, “This is happening so fast, without the word of my Matriarch or from my Sandaj, it seems little more than another power struggle from the Clan of Khahek. It seems like giving them a clan wasn't enough, now they're flinging the troll dung from the shadows. I don't want to decide but if you push me it's like strolling down that dark alley; you might not like what you find.”

Sangar Eskander has scheduled an ambassadorial mission to the Kingdom of Evendarr this summer. The Myrrish Ambassador plans to greet Evendarr’s Prince of Northmarch, Edmond Corbielle, in the Duchy of Elysia on 13 July. Afterward, the knight’s entourage will progress toward the nine-day-long celebration hosted by the Duchy of Fengate over 2–10 August 613. Sangar Eskander will present himself to King of Evendarr Johann Storm of House Endarr during the king’s open court over the first weekend of the celebration. Evendarr’s Prince James Richard Buttons IV of Greenmarch will continue the investigation into the original theft of the enchanted portrait. The strongest clues indicate that The Matriach’s Claw may have connections outside of Myrr, with thieves buried deep within Evendarr’s Duchy of Greyhorn, potentially with connections extending into the Kingdom of Dalantia.

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