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New Planar Knowledge Discovered
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Fri Jul 05 2013, 03:37PM
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New information has been discovered pertaining to the nature in which various Planes interact with each other. Sepi Kessner, Archmage of Unintended Results, has been researching the magics of gate travel for over a decade in an attempt to better connect all peoples of Tyrra. True to his title, he has learned much about a different matter altogether.

“Quite wondrous! Simply amazing! We’ve been going about this whole mess all wrong! How many times have we dashed off to the aid of some plane or another to maintain the balance of the cosmos only to travel a few hundred miles on Tyrra and learn that not a single creature from that plane had even known about what we did. Planar Horizons my posterior, I say! Planes don’t smash into each other, at least, not as a habit, but their outer hubs….THOSE are quite handsy with each other, always milling about and mucking each other up. Different hubs touch Tyrra in different places. Sure they are all, say, parts of the Plane of Fire, but they sure aren’t THE Plane of Fire. What makes a Plane is a mushy cloud of outer hubs surrounding a Planar Core!

Each hub appears to have its own rulers and issues, though still under the auspice of their Core. The hub of Air that touches Therendry could be ruled by Lord Static, entrenched in a bitter war with earth elementals, where the hub touching the Frontier of Rockshire might be ruled by Prince Lightning-britches who is busy freeing enslaved air elementals or some such. Neither of these beings is actually the ruler of the whole Plane (though some might take offense to that and act as ruler of all, so be careful). The ruler of the Plane as a whole is the ruler of the Planar Core, and that person VERY rarely gets involved in matters of a hub, unless they are going against their own planar nature, which in itself is typically rare.

Planar Cores are what our cosmos is built upon. These things maintain the purity of the planes and are the reason that everything hasn’t fallen to shambles whenever there are reports of a plane invading another or corrupted whatever elementals. I tried to get audience with the rulers of a couple of the Planar Cores. The beings of Order had me waiting in a queue to speak with someone from their Core until I simply couldn’t wait any longer. The beings of Chaos laughed when I mentioned a ruler at all. Dream seems to be run by a mermaid that has a striking resemblance to my mother. On second thought, that probably wasn’t the ruler of their Core.

Now that we know of the existence of Planar Cores, a new question arises. If all Planes have such Cores with a ruler that exemplars the entire Plane, what does that mean for Tyrra? More research is needed.”

To facilitate the further study of the Planes with this new information, magical institutes throughout the Plane have come together in an unprecedented show of cooperation. Primarily staffed by mages from the Quentari Collegiums at Helevorn and the Royal Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences at Lake Hollym, the newly created Unified Academy of Tyrra has been tasked with furthering the understanding of Planar interaction, particularly in regards to our home plane of Tyrra. Archchancellor Sepi Kessner has stated all interested mages are welcome to apply for a position within the U.A.T., though full membership is not guaranteed.

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