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Evendarr Welcomes New Duchess of Elysia
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Mon Jul 29 2013, 11:44PM
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Evendarr’s Duchy of Elysia welcomes Lady Ashley Alora Van Dier as its new Duchess. Prince Edmond Corbielle of Northmarch traveled to Elysia to greet his subjects and elevate Elysia’s new leader on 13 July 613. Her Grace is a long-time resident of the duchy, and a former adventurer from the area. Duchess Van Dier studied at the academy in Glavorn, Elysia’s capital city, and later served as an instructor there as well. Near the turn of the century, Her Grace served the people as Baroness of Meddler in Elysia, a key holding which shares borders with the duchies of Niman, and Volta, as well as all of Elysia’s baronies. In 605, former Duke Kohlmwyn of Elysia asked Lady Van Dier to serve as Baroness of Simoondale for a time. She was later elevated to the station of Viscountess of the Duchy under the rule of Duke Morgan Grey, a former Knight of the Crown who disappeared more than one year ago, much to the sorrow of Elysia’s people. Duchess Van Dier departed Elysia to serve Evendarr’s Royal Court under King Mykel Endarr II.

Her Grace’s extensive familiarity with the Duchy of Elysia, her famed leadership ability, and inspirational noble bearing recommended her to Prince Corbielle for the elevation. Elysians are delighted by the return of this beloved figure to their courts. “As a former member of the baronial house of Meddlar under the direction of now Duchess Van Dier, I can say that this is an exceptional honor to have her as the new leader of our wonderful duchy. This is a great day for Elysia and her people,” beamed Gwendalen Amarillis of the Sol Blade Society, Celestial Guildmistress of the South.

Duchess Van Dier is the sixth lady to be elevated into the upper echelons of nobility among Evendarr’s more than twenty duchies and significant holdings. She joins the Duchesses of Ravenholt, Evendarr, Kitheria, and Tyrangel, and honorary Princess Alexa of Northmarch in an elite sisterhood among the royal court. The ducal colors of Elysia are quarterly red and sable, with the three-pointed golden crown of loyalty to Evendarr in the center.

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