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Sangar Eskander Accused of Necromancy
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Tue Jul 30 2013, 05:50PM
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Sangar Eskander of Myrr is wanted on charges of Necromancy in Evendarr’s Duchy of Volta. The accusation dates back three years, and is in connection with an attack on guards from the Duchy of Niman. Sheriff Merle Hasker of Pickstown, a small mining community within the larger estate of Axelburg, Volta, traveled to the neighboring Evendarrian Duchy of Elysia in July 613 with the intent to arrest the Myrrish knight. Sangar Eskander had announced his intention to present himself at the court of Prince Edmond Corbielle of Northmarch in Elysia. Prince Corbielle recently made his first tour of that duchy, and there announced the elevation of Duchess Ashley Alora Van Dier. Instead of encountering Eskander’s personal attendance at court, visitors to Elysia read the name of this young sarr knight emblazoned over Wanted posters throughout the area. Rumors have it that Baron Zeal Magus of Adron, Elysia, considered levying a fine on Sheriff Hasker for the crime of Littering due to the profusion of Wanted posters everywhere in the eyes of visitors and Elysians alike. Witnesses say that a visitor to the court, Baroness Parthynia Cesca Domamore of Argent, Therendry, and her companion Fayden spoke on behalf of the flustered sheriff and garnered Baron Zeal’s leniency in the matter.

Sangar Ammar Ibn Hasna Eskander Patií, a male black panther sarr, gained notoriety recently due to his elevation to knighthood in the strictly matriarchal Kingdom of Myrr. Only in the past decade could male sarr dream of elevation to noble title in their homeland. The elevation of a sarr male to noble station within Myrr is not without controversy. Reports of protest, violence, and fires started during localized riots continue to emerge from the sarr kingdom. Peaceful opponents of this break with tradition all over Avalon are choosing to wear armbands of braided black and white cloth to demonstrate their objection. Supporters of Sangar Eskander, and the perceived renewal seen in Myrr have been wearing one or more flowers woven into armbands or headbands in support of what they perceive as forward social progress.

Prior to Sangar Eskander’s elevation, an enchanted portrait of the hopeful young knight was stolen from under the noses of royal patrons at an art auction in Evendarr’s Duchy of Kitheria in April. Art collectors, dealers in magical talismans, and sarr searched for the painting across Avalon. Unfortunately, the magical portrait was reported burned beyond recognition in The Hinterlands by a radical group called The Matriarch’s Claw earlier this summer. Additional protests and attacks by The Matriarch’s Claw have been reported in scattered areas of Avalon.

The Necromancy charges against the young knight date from 610. Details from Volta suggest that Sangar Eskander utilized necromancy to defeat Nimani guards lawfully at work. The Nimani were in pursuit of indentured servants attempting to escape their contracts and flee across ducal borders into Volta. Prior to Myrr’s acceptance of the Accords of Avalon which outlaws any magic which creates or aids undead, Chaos spells were openly used as “battle magic” among the sarr. Many now wonder whether this accusation against Eskander may harm the strength of Evendarrian support for his elevation. Meanwhile, the involvement of such a noteworthy figure in what started as a small border skirmish three years ago now threatens to reopen debate about the righteousness of indentured servitude in Niman, a practice recognized as outright slavery until a few years ago.

Sangar Eskander cancelled his appearance at court in Elysia at the last minute, sending a letter of apology to local sarr. It is unknown at this time whether the knightly fugitive maintains his plan to present to King of Evendarr Sir Johann Storm of House Endarr during the royal court held in the Duchy of Fengate on 3 August 613. Evendarr’s monarch will hold open court during the first weekend of a nine-day-long celebration planned in Fengate from 2–11 August. If a foreign ambassador accused of one of the most reprehensible crimes in Evendarr presents himself to King Johann, how might Evendarr react?
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