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Detect Poison /Antidote
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Sat Aug 24 2013, 07:42AM
Jonathan Schneider

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Had this question come up and I am looking to get clarification on how it works.

This skill allows the character to administer a natural antidote effect, once per day, with 3 seconds of role-play.
It is activated by the phrase “I invoke a poison antidote”, in addition any character with this skill, expended or
not, may detect poisons as if they had Herbal Lore.

1) who would you administer this too? Yourself or another person?

2) what can it affect? is it like a purify blood or is it effective against all alchemical effects?

3) if it is to yourself only does it work only for ingested and can you use it even if you under the effect of an alchemical substance that doesnt allow the use of ig skills?

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Sun Aug 25 2013, 03:50AM
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Antidote was an actual alchemical production item that cured a specific list of alchemy induced statuses in 8th, and I'm fairly certain it is in 9th. I'd imagine it would cure anything the same way the antidote alchemy would have. I don't see anything that would suggest you can't use it on yourself, the same way you could use alchemy on yourself.

None of that is official, but the IG skills thing you would definitely need to have clarified. A while ago, long before the racial skills we have now, it was ruled that racials were considered an IG skill and could not be used if you had something that didn't allow you to use IG skills, such as my personal favorite combo of drain/vampire charm, who's your daddy now elf?
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Thu Sep 12 2013, 12:07PM
Owner, NERO New Brunswick
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These were our interpretations:
1) It could be applied to anyone
2) It duplicates the effects of any Antidote Alchemy
3) As above, however it remains a skill so any effect that removes your ability to use ig skills would also remove the ability to use this.
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Thu Sep 12 2013, 10:18PM
Jonathan Schneider

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Cool but I was more looking towards a national interpritation.
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Fri Sep 13 2013, 01:57AM
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JSchneider wrote ...

Cool but I was more looking towards a national interpritation.

"Rules Discussion
This forum is for the discussion of the rules pertaining to the NERO system. Official rules clarifications will NOT be posted here."

I had similar hopes on another thread. Sometimes you will get an official answer, sometimes not; best to go with what your chapter decides.

Grumbli / Dale
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