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Unparalyze Manifold or not
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Mon Sep 09 2013, 07:55PM
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I am wondering if the spell unparalyze can be cast as a manifold or not.

On page 64 of the rule book table 5-1 it says it can as manifold is checked off.
On page 81 of the rule book the spell description it doesn't look like it can as it is lacking the manifold symbol.
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Wed Sep 11 2013, 02:44PM
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Better write that poem...
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Tue Sep 17 2013, 12:47AM
NERO International Staff
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Most of the fix-its are able to be Manifolded. We have said that it can be at NERO Highborn. If someone official wants to post a clarification, great. Until then we will allow it.
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Fri Oct 18 2013, 03:14AM

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Unparalyze can be manifolded. That is a typo on page 81, thanks for pointing it out.
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