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Formal Magic
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Fri Sep 13 2013, 12:55AM
Jonathan Schneider

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So Interesting topic has come up while talking to a few friends that have brought up an interesting question. While casting a ritual can you activate a magic item during the ritual since activating an items is not an in game skill?

I know normal conversation is not allowed by the formal magic rules but casting spells arent regular language per pg 46:
In game, these words are
understood by anyone, but have a “magical effect” associated with
them that makes them different from normal speech. Even though
you can speak the language, you cannot “fake” a spell incantation or
otherwise bluff the casting of a spell.

So whats the verdict on this one?

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Fri Sep 13 2013, 11:48AM
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Page 51 under magic items:
"Activating Magic Items
Spells from a magic item act just like a regular spell. They provide the character, no matter what class or level, the ability to use that spell. The correct process to activate an item is to use the phrase “Activate” followed by the spell incant. For Example: “Activate With Mystic Force I Bind You”.
In addition, all the normal rules for casting apply. You must have your hand free, have a packet, be conscious, etc. So you cannot activate an item when in a Web, unconscious, dead, or when tied up. Activating an item IS NOTa Game Ability, so you CAN use an item when you cannot otherwise use a Game Ability or Skill, such as when under the effects of a Taint Blood spell"
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Fri Oct 25 2013, 06:42AM
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It's fairly clear from Andrews post that the answer is no.... unless you want to backlash.
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