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2013, Event 4, Teaser 1
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Tue Oct 08 2013, 05:07AM
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(The Following Article is posted anywhere where your character may read it.)

The Healers Guild has forwarded reports about a large spike of townsfolk resurrecting at the Healer’s Guilds in Kaurath City and the Gatetowns of Celtios and Hiiri. The Guildmistress informs that almost all of those resurrected stated that along the King's Road they remember seeing floating Orbs of Light obstructing the roadway. To avoid any potential conflict, townsfolk detoured from the road into the Surulinnen forest to avoid the floating lights, only to encounter additional floating light orbs.

Upon the second encounter, almost all townsfolk reported that they became filled with an overwhelming sense of security and trusting and subsequently followed the orbs further into the wilderness.

The townsfolk then speak of encountering a pale and bluish looking humanoid with pointed ears and terrible power that then slew them before they had time to gather their wits.

Action is being sought against the humanoid and the floating orbs of light. The Garrison has informed the adjacent gate towns of the matter and dispatched additional patrols and escorts along the King's Road for adventurers, townsfolk and travelers.

Adventurers are being asked to assist in any way possible.
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