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Tyrra's Claw clarification
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Mon Oct 14 2013, 06:50PM
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I have two questions regarding this cantrip:
First, I've been told that blocking a weapon with standard (racial) claws results in you taking the damage, would that also apply to this cantrip version?

Second, is this claw retractable similar to the racial version?

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Tue Oct 15 2013, 04:32PM
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In my 20+ years I've only ever heard of one unique creature that still took damage when it blocked with a claw, tho it is possible your chapter is using a variant of the rules.

Originally intended for NPCs Body weaponry has transcended the barrier to PCs in rare plotlines, Transforms, Golems, Cantrips and now Racial abilities

Claw rules are primarily located on page 90 of the 9th rulebook. Claws are treated like any other boffer weapon, save they cannot be shattered, fumbled or destroyed and the requirement to be covered in red duct tape. They're also retractable.

This could imply you can retract a Tyrra's Claw since it's a "claw", it leaves the Celestial "Ethereal Sword" ambiguous at best; I've allowed our players in NB to retract them simply because they're an extension of the spirit rather than a physical form and personally I envision that as somewhat non-corporeal.
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Fri Oct 18 2013, 03:04AM

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Blocking with a claw is just like blocking with a weapon, you do not take damage.

All claws are considered retractable.
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