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Spirit Forge
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Mon Nov 11 2013, 12:06AM
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Looking for another rules clarification...

Regarding Spirit Forging, I have heard a couple of different rulings on when your new skills become available after spirit forging.

1) After Spirit Forging, the new skills chosen are all instantly available to you.
2) After Spirit Forging, the new skills chosed are not available until the next reset.

The description states "The spirit forgets its previous profession and all skills but may choose a new profession and relearn skills immediately."

Based on the description, I would think that #1 is the correct answer. So if I am a fighter with 5 profs, and forge to a scholar with a 4 column, I would instantly be able to cast from the 4 column without needing to wait for the next reset.

Is this correct? or would I need to wait until the next reset to be able to use the 4 column?
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Mon Nov 11 2013, 12:32AM
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There's nothing in the description that suggests you would have to wait until the next reset.

And at the last national event I was at, people were spirit forging on the field and using the skills immediately after. I would think if anyone believed it to work any other way, we would have been corrected. Especially since the guy who wrote the rules was running the encounter.
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