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Evendarr Appoints New Royal Court Wizard
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Thu Nov 14 2013, 10:46PM
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King Johann Storm of House Endarr appointed a new Court Wizard to the royal court of Evendarr in September 613. Sir Trivanus Nölévanwa, Arch-Wizard of Studious Dread, has been elevated from his position in Southwatch as Count of Blackspire in the Duchy of Therendry to the kingdom’s royal court.

Sir Trivanus, originally hailing from the Kingdom of Quentari, has served the Kingdom of Evendarr for 10 years. The Arch-Wizard comes recommended to the royal court by Prince Edmond Corbielle of Northmarch, in whose lands Sir Trivanus originally pledged his fealty to Evendarr. Current Viscount Daramor Darkcloud bestowed the title of First Knight of the Barony of Eastwyck on Sir Trivanus in 603. Duke Jonas Stemple elevated the young knight to Knight Commander of the Northern Armies of Ravenholt against the second incursion of northmen and barbarians lead by the once-defeated Theodorik Vardik against whom Prince Basil Ravenhurst earned his original honors in the area in 570. At the conclusion of the second war against the northmen, Sir Trivanus moved southward to the Duchy of Therendry where Count Siranot DeGauss of Exeter first granted the knight entrance into the higher nobility as Baron of Havencrest in Therendry’s County of Lyonesse in 609. In perhaps the most highly honored moment of his career, the baron of Havencrest returned to his homeland temporarily as High Lord General of the Armies of Tarsa and Champion of Tarsa in preparation for the war against the Great Enemy Oraban. In the ice and snow of northern Avalon, Sir Trivanus was one of a small group of heroes most directly responsible for the defeat of Oraban, an accomplishment with honors continuing today. In 610, Duke Mikael Blackstone appointed Sir Trivanus as Grand Champion of Blackstone after winning the majority of tournament events in the Duke’s annual tournament for the third year in a row. Sir Trivanus continued that tradition this year in the Duchy of Fengate in a tournament to honor His Majesty, where the knight won honor as champion to Prince Derek Blackstone of The Heart. Since passing the Arch-Wizard examination by the Royal Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences in 611, Sir Trivanus has served the people of Therendry as Count of Blackspire.

Attention of the royal court fell on Sir Trivanus this past spring due to his assistance in exposure and arrest of the Traitor Ormsby. The Count of Blackspire worked closely with his neighbors in the Duchy of Tyrangel, whose voices combined with the Prince of Northmarch in recommendation of the knight’s service to the King. Prince Simon Black of Fellmist, and Prince Derek Blackstone of The Heart were also heard to add their endorsements to Sir Trivanus’ service to the royal court. Interestingly absent from public commentary on the matter were the voices of both Princes of Greenmarch of the Buttons Family, and Therendry’s own liege, Prince Gabriel Harcourt of Southwatch. Recent rumors about Prince Black’s connection to the Saxony Family, and his endorsement of Prince Derek’s petition to the King to recognize Blackstone Family rights in the royal line of succession have royal circles occupied with speculation on this matter. Prince Harcourt recently has been seen in the company of a certain Lady Anne Bartholomew, and many speculate that a formal courtship may lead to betrothal, and stronger political ties, with the Bartholomews, one of the ancient “Five Families of Evendarr.” Where the Court Wizard’s social ties and loyalties fall between two camps quickly dividing in the royal court, none can yet say.

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