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Voice Control Undead
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Tue Dec 24 2013, 01:45AM
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It popped up a few times and I was curious, when an undead with Voice Control pops out and starts using it's Voice Control Undead on it's minions do non-undead have to call "No Effect" to the Voice Control? Does an undead too big to be controlled have to state "No Effect" as well?
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Tue Dec 24 2013, 07:19AM
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Voice control undead may not even be an actual thing. Doing research.
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Tue Dec 24 2013, 10:16AM
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Edited for accuracy, not sure whether my response was actually correct

[ Edited Tue Dec 24 2013, 10:17AM ]
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Tue Dec 24 2013, 11:15PM
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Past experiences and calls - pre-9th:

Voice Control never impacted it's non-target. i.e. if you weren't undead, you didn't get affected (didn't blow any protectives), but if you were you had to follow the directions based on your understanding (intellect), lesser versions could not control greater versions; ie a Lesser could not control a Greater, Greater could not control a High, and High could not control a Master. In the event of a tie some monsters/transforms had "bonuses" or immunities written on the cards, i.e. a Master Trasnform to Lich may have had something like adds XX levels for control, or adds player level for control. I've fought some creatures like Vampires that in the event of a tie couldn't be controlled outside their bloodline.

The clarification that happened in 7th edition was that if you heard the command and understood it, then ingame you understood the command given.

But then things like slay the living, or slay the healer become apparent either way pretty quickly ;)
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