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Wedding Announcement
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Tue Jan 28 2014, 05:00PM
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Hear Ye, Hear Ye, and Hearken Unto These Glad Tidings…

It is with joyous hearts that the Courts of Haltia, Kaurath and Westmarch, Ravenholt announce the upcoming union of Skald Tatiana de Souza Harkov Inhazuma, Skald of Haltia and Sir Cadoc Morbihan Bromley, Baron of Westmarch.  All nobles, notables and adventurers of the lands are invited to celebrate with the courts.  

The ceremony and accompanying celebration will be held on the evening of May 3, 614 ER during the first spring gather in Kaurath.

  Weather permitting, the ceremony will be held outdoors shortly after nightfall.  The proceedings are expected to be attended by both local and visiting dignitaries, friends and families of both bride and groom.  Guests should plan their attire accordingly as best befits their own cultural and personal customs of formal dress.  

Questions regarding any aspects, be it of protocol or celebratory in nature, of this grand event should be directed to Marika,Skald Tatiana’s Seneschal.  

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