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Sun Feb 02 2014, 06:48AM
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~the elf bows low to whomever might be around~ greetings! I am Mitri Soolet! I hail from lands in the north. I have come seeking adventures and new friends.

(( I am currently in Wisconsin, but I originally hail from Kansas. I am a member of Last Hope, and LARPcraft, the latter being my main group. I heard about ya'll and decided to come see the epicness that I have heard so many wonderful things about!

I tried to find a WI chapter, but I cant seem to find a way of contacting anyone from there... ))
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Wed Feb 05 2014, 05:42AM
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Hail to you, Mitri Soolet! I hope your search for adventure takes a fortuitous turn soon. I may never see you in lands as far away as I stand currently, but should you ever wander this far, you are more than welcome in the lands of Greyhorn.-James Sumner

(I don't know if there are any local NERO chapters near you, but should you ever convoy to Western Pennsylvania, we have some cool chapters in the area, like NERO ARGO. I hope someone in the Wisconsin area see's your post and helps out! -James Hallas.)
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Thu Feb 27 2014, 03:52AM
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There are several nero chapters not far from you actually.
Nero highborn
Nero chicago
Nero vanguard
Nero peoria

I'm pretty sure there is a Nero Wisconsin, but I have never made one of their events. Last I heard they were having problems finding a worthy site.

All of these chapters are on Facebook (I think) and have websites of their own.
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