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Evendarr’s Duke of Tyrangel Arrested, Fights Honor Duel With Duke of Rotaria
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Sat Feb 08 2014, 04:12AM
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Duke Roderick Daleron Tyrangel, personal advisor to King Johann Storm of House Endarr, was arrested on accusation of Murder in Rotaria in November. Following trial, Evendarr dismissed all charges levied against the Duke. To satisfy the honor of the alleged victim, Duke Morten Sarten of Rotaria offered to stand as champion in an honor duel. The two dukes contested in the presence of the King himself in court in the Greenmarch royal palace. Duke Tyrangel emerged victorious, and the matter was settled with honor. “Duke Sarten is an honorable knight, and a worthy opponent,” Duke Tyrangel confirmed. “He acted most chivalrously.”

The Duke of Tyrangel served as the founding noble of that land since 592. He maintains his title by marriage to the current Duchess, and presently serves as personal advisor to the King of Evendarr. Duke Tyrangel is currently working in development of a Royal School of Chivalry for Evendarr. Ironically, in that position, Duke Tyrangel presides over the Royal Court of Chivalry which has power to try any noble of the royal court accused of breaking the Code of Chivalry. It was the Duke’s own court which convened to decide to his fate following the serious charges.

The accusation of Murder occurred on 1 November 613, while the royal court was visiting Rotaria. Duke Tyrangel is said to have exchanged private words with Richard Bartholomew, Squire to Sir Delahr Greymist of the royal court. None overheard the discussion, but many responded to shouts and the ring of steel in a courtyard of the Rotarian ducal castle. Duke Tyrangel slew Squire Bartholomew, who required a Life spell, which was fortunately delivered in time. The accused Duke willingly submitted himself to the justice of Evendarr royal guards. Prince James Richard Buttons IV of Greenmarch, Palatine to the King, and High Lord Magistrate of Evendarr was on hand to take Duke Tyrangel into custody. Evendarr and Greenmarch royal guards placed the Duke under house arrest in the princely palace at Daven to await trial by the Court of Chivalry.

By utilizing the Avalonian gates, the system of magical portals which connect all kingdoms within the Accords of Avalon, a delegation from the Duchy of Tyrangel arrived in Rotaria only days later. Prince Simon Black of Fellmist traveled with the Duchess of Tyrangel, Countess Portia Kent and Count Idrihil Aerandir of Tyrangel, and a large number of gypsies. Duchess Tyrangel’s household brought dire news with them from the emerald vale: An old enemy of supernatural substance, a being of corruption and sinister intent had returned to threaten them anew. The enemy known only by the name “Macabre” apparently holds the ability to possess mortal beings, acting willfully through their form and leaving the victim only with vague memories of the affliction. Even now, little is known of the means of this possession. Celebrants at a feast in Tyrangel witnessed threats by Macabre made against Duchess Tyrangel the night after the Duke’s arrest. Sources in Tyrangel suggest that Macabre may be unable to possess any whom the Duchess counts as family, which certainly comes as a great relief to the ducal court of Ravenholt, which is closely related. Testimony at Duke Tyrangel’s trial presented by none other than Prince Nathan Blackstone Buttons of Greenmarch suggested that Macabre had possessed Squire Bartholomew, and issued threats against the Duke’s family. Squire Bartholomew declined to comment on the incident. Courtly gossip suggests that the Squire’s private commentary on the matter may corroborate this theory, however. Squire Bartholomew has since been knighted in the royal court, and placed in active duty among the Knights of the Orchestra.

Based on testimony presented in a closed Court of Chivalry, Prince Buttons dismissed criminal charges levied against Duke Tyrangel. Representatives of the Bartholomew Family pressed the matter of personal honor. They objected to the affront to a Squire who could not adequately defend socially against the sudden, unprovoked, unchivalrous attack of his superior in station. Duke Morten Sarten of Rotaria offered to champion the Squire. Duke Sarten has served in his position since the 593 elevation of the former Duchess to the first princely office in Greenmarch. He is renowned for his skill as a duelist by the famous Duelo Sociedad de Daven which hosts weekly contests for which swordfighters commonly travel from far and wide around the kingdom. The club has cancelled those contests in recent months, however, due to an outbreak of fire elemental activity in the nearby Ash Mountains which has kept Duke Sarten occupied with battle practice of a different kind. The Duke of Rotaria reportedly fought with great speed, accuracy, and honor. Nevertheless, Duke Tyrangel, a former soldier himself, bested his northern peer.

An unconfirmed rumor from Armaugh, Rotaria spins an interesting yarn of another potential possession by the being Macabre during Duke Sarten’s personal Night of Lights celebration one month later. Unfortunately, a Life spell was not delivered to the allegedly possessed in time. The local resurrection process inhibits memory of events immediately prior to death. None can attest whether the supernatural were truly at play with Duke Sarten, or if it is merely that duchy’s usual level of courtly intrigue and mystery.

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