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Evendarr’s Prince Black Claims Saxony Heritage
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Wed Feb 12 2014, 06:57PM
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Last summer, Evendarr’s Prince Simon Black of Fellmist shocked courtiers kingdomwide with His Highness’ claim on kinship with the Saxony Family. At the nine-day festival in the Duchy of Fengate during August 613, Prince Black stunned the courtly gathering with the unexpected revelation. In the presence of King Johann Storm of House Endarr, Prince Derek Blackstone of The Heart announced to those present in Fengate his intention to circulate a petition to be named as Heir to the Throne of Evendarr. Prince Black gladly added both his seal and signature to the growing list of endorsements for Prince Blackstone’s claim. His Highness chose to sign the petition as, “Prince Simon Black Saxony,” lending both strength to the endorsement, and intrigue as well.

Prince Black’s history prior to his engagement as an instructor in earth magic at the Royal Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences was something of a mystery prior to the shocking announcement. Little is publicly known of the Prince’s history beforehand. The Royal Court of Evendarr will state only that each King of Evendarr to whom Prince Black has sworn fealty has had full knowledge of the Prince’s background and ties to the Saxony Family. Rumors persist that Prince Black may bid for leadership of the family, but neither the Court of Fellmist nor the Saxonys endorse this speculation.

Prince Simon Black reportedly celebrated the Night of Lights at Saxony Keep in Port Jaskara, and spent three days reconnecting with relatives in those storied halls. Many wonder whether the entire Saxony Family may break with its long-held rivalry with the Blackstone Family to endorse the claim of Prince Derek Blackstone as royal heir. An anonymous member of the Huntington Family revealed in a recent trip to Evendarr’s Duchy of Ashbury that the “Five Families” of Evendarr are “nervous” about the rise of alliances among rival families. Meetings among the Bartholomew, Buttons, Endarr, Huntington, and Monay Families are common in Evendarr, particularly during the winter holiday season. Some sources at the royal court have noticed what appears to be a trend in increased frequency and duration of these private meetings, however. Blossom Venteen, a professional marriage broker from Dragonaire, notes that the number of formal courtships among the old families of the kingdom has dramatically increased in recent months. “Noble weddings are good business for everyone!” Venteen cheers.

Sources in Fellmist, meanwhile, claim that Prince Black’s announcement of his heritage came as something of a surprise to vassals in that principality. Duke Niall Kikkar of Ignavis reportedly sent Prince Black a box of cigars with a note which may have expressed enthusiasm for the “ride ahead.” In Tyrangel, however, tensions were palpable at a certain session of its School of Chivalry in November wherein the Duchess of Tyrangel and Prince Black allegedly traded veiled barbs over the topic of familial obligations conflicting with oaths of fealty. Duchess Vallen Ravenhurst Tyrangel is credited as the originator of the label “Joseph the Usurper” to describe King Joseph Saxony, against whom the Duchess’ father, Prince Basil Ravenhurst, rebelled in 592. Until the marriage of Duke Elias Saxony of Ravenholt to Prince Basil’s younger daughter, Duchess Chiyako Ravenhurst, tensions between the Ravenhurst and Saxony Families were notably icy at court. None can now predict how Prince Black’s revelation may affect courtly intrigue in Fellmist, Northmarch, or indeed in all of Evendarr.
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