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Goblin Point Expenditures
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Sun Mar 02 2014, 02:02AM
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While registering for the upcoming regional event in my area, one of things asked of me was to do Goblin Point Expenditures using the national DB.

Under this section of the database, I scrolled down to find the formal components expenditures. I select the component I desires, selected a quantity of three, and saw a yellow warning icon turn into a green checkbox icon. Scrolling up to the top I saw my Goblin Points had not changed so I figured the transaction had not completed. I scrolled back down but I didn't see a submit or purchase option. I re-selected the textbox with the quantity of 5 and pressed enter hoping for a form submission request. An alert popped up prompting me to confirm I wanted to submit the request but it didn't provide any details to confirm my intention. I selected the Okay option and after an overlay loading graphic, I noticed my goblin points were not changed and the quantity reset the value of the textbox to empty.

I went into the Character Editor section to review my Goblin Point transactions and found under changes "Birthday Bonus" was applied from my actions. This was not my intention so I tried again. I followed the exact same procedure and once the loading graphic completed, I found my Goblin Points were unchanged. Reviewing the Character Editor section, I found under changes "Membership Renewal Reward". This was still not what I was intending to do.

I returned to the Goblin Point Exchange section of the website and after I reviewed that no more options of this nature existed, I select the desired component, changed the quantity to 5, pressed enter and nothing happened. I left the panel and return, the selected component and quantity where all reset. Then I realized you have to input the values you want and select the icon above it to submit the request.

I know that, if I was confused there are others who could fall in to the same issue and accidentally applying things to their characters they don't want. Any chance the icon image could display a submission value or an additional submit button being applied after the quantity?
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