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Armistice Between Armonia and Goídel Comes To Scheduled End
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Wed Mar 26 2014, 09:50PM
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As the spring thaw begins to melt away what remains of the somewhat peaceful yet harsh northern winter, rumors have spread that the armistice that was agreed upon between the forces of Armonia and Goídel, has come to an end. Unconfirmed reports from the fringe areas that are under Armonian control speak of attacks on the people. It is unclear if this is the work of the Goídel army, or a group of brigands preying on the citizens during this trying time.

After the unexpected and regrettable (to some) outcome of the weapon provided by the Grey Knights for the assault on King Arnaud, and the accusations that followed, the Knights have kept to themselves. The chatter among the people of Thornhill indicates that they are working on something to mend the trust that the people feel they violated.

There have been no reports of the vampire Samuel since the assault on Castle Grierson when he turned gaseous and escaped. It is still unclear to everyone why Samuel was with King Arnaud. Has he allied himself with the Tyrant King? Or perhaps he was merely there to warn him of the impending attack in exchange for something.

With the recent rumors that the end of the Winter Armistice is near, the reinforcements and supplies sent from King Rosha Silvermane of the Hinterlands could not have come at a better time. It has also been reported that a large contingent of dwarves has landed on Armonian soil and is headed in the direction of Thornhill. The contingent doesn’t seem to be making very good time. The harbingers of their arrival have brought news that they are stopping at every village, town, and even house along the way to help wherever they can. It appears as though Strom Stonesplitter of Clan Stoneheart has made good on his promise.

Talk among the nobles is that representatives from Evendarr will be visiting Thornhill to continue the discussion regarding joining the Accords of Avalon. This has caused strife among the populace, as they just got out from under the tyrannical rule of King Arnaud and now the new rulers suggest alliance with a union most have never heard of. Those that have heard of the Accords of Avalon don’t seem to think the people of Armonia need a foreign governing body telling them how to live. It reminds some of how things were under the previous rule, and fears spread that the same will happen again. Proponents, few as they may be if growing in force, however, are trying to allay those fears with talk of the powers of unity and cooperation across the continent.

As the snow and ice begins to melt away to make way for spring, the residents of Thornhill report that the area immediately surrounding the lake remains frozen and colder than over the Winter Solstice. Those who have gotten close enough have also noticed strange occurrences near the center of the lake. An unnaturally dense storm cloud is seen resting just a few feet above the frozen ice.

In the midst of this, a curious lyric has become popular with bards of the area:

A continent united from lands divided,
Redemption sought and a winter fought,
New alliances gained, reinforcements strained,
Dwarves slow approaching, Enemies riposting.

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