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PCs and Natural Armor (Hypothetical)
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Sat Mar 29 2014, 05:21PM
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Okay, so here's my question: if a PC has Natural Armor through a Xform/Plot etc. does it: 1) stack with other armor? 2) Only go upto the PC's wear max?

On page 93 ((5 on the pdf) of the rulebook under Natural Armor it states:
"Natural Armor
Some monsters have a skin that acts like armor. It can be refit in sixty seconds. It cannot be Shattered or Destroyed in any way nor can it be salvaged after the creature is killed."

And on page 105 (107 of the pdf) of the rulebook under Armor it states:
"Armor points
There are three ways a player may possess Armor Points: Physical Armor, Dexterity Armor, and Arcane Armor. The three types may be used together and add to your total of Armor Points. You can not use more armor points than your character can wear."

My ASSUMPTION from these statements is that Natural Armor would be a 4th type of armor (since it doesn't normally apply to PCs, it wasn't stated), and thus falls under the armor point stacking rules (and thus falls under the wear cap). People's thoughts?
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Sun Mar 30 2014, 10:10PM
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in my experience transform abilities and regular PC skills do not really interact. Natural armor isn't stated as is not limited by class caps.
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