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Evendarr's Duchy of Rotaria Sinks Into the Ocean
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Mon Apr 21 2014, 06:55PM
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Reports scream across Avalon of massive destruction on a scale never before witnessed in the Kingdom of Evendarr. The lands comprising Evendarr’s Duchy of Rotaria sank into the ocean on Saturday, 19 April 614 as the result of a massive earthquake around the area of Lake Hollym shortly before sunset that evening. News from Evendarr’s Principality of Greenmarch is scattered and confused as representatives of the Crown search for survivors and survey the extent of the damage. Evendarrian Royal Healers Guilds in surrounding areas in Ashbury, and Evendarr report few resurrections thus far. Reports from Guildmaster Silent indicate that the Ravenholt Healers Guild has received more than the others. Healers hope that resurrections may be delayed by the spirits’ journey to distant circles. Others fear that the extent of this catastrophe may have been too great for spirits to escape through resurrection.

Prince James Richard Buttons IV and Prince Nathan Blackstone Buttons of Greenmarch sent word to the Evendarrian royal court that they are safe in the Duchy of the Niman. Ironically, the two Princes of Greenmarch left their residence in Rotaria’s capital city of Daven to survey damage from an earlier earthquake which occurred on 22 February 614. Earth elementals may have been responsible for the February quake which affected areas from Aeran’or to Quentari, including extensive damage within the Kingdom of Avendale, as well as effects in Evendarr’s Duchies of Niman and Greyhorn.

Evendarr’s Royal Court reports that no word has been received from any noble of Rotaria as of yet.

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