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Ashbury's Duke Luther Eindrake Believed Missing In Rotaria
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Wed Apr 23 2014, 03:23PM
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Grave news comes from the Royal Court of Evendarr’s Principality of Greenmarch. His Grace Duke Luther Eindrake of Ashbury and several unnamed members of his ducal court are now confirmed to have been traveling in the Duchy of Rotaria when it sank into the sea on 19 April 614. Duke Eindrake was on a trade mission to Daven, Rotaria’s coastal capital city. Neither the Royal Court of Greenmarch, nor any of the lesser noble houses of Ashbury have received word of the recovery or resurrection of the Ashbury ducal party. As resurrections of survivors have abated in Ashbury, Evendarr, and Ravenholt, Greenmarch now fears that the Rotaria catastrophe may have claimed two of its dukes.

Squire Mykel Nordenn, son of the late Duchess Mara and Duke Bryan Nordenn of Ashbury, and heir to the ducal seat, is said to be safe at the inland estate of Trellheim. Prince Nathan Blackstone Buttons of Greenmarch is coordinating activities of the Courts of Ashbury in the absence of Duke Eindrake. Prince James Richard Buttons IV of Greenmarch has returned to Evendarr City to assist with the overall recovery effort.
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