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Reports From Rotarian Catastrophe and Avalon Earthquake
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Thu May 01 2014, 05:22PM
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Reports continue to pour into the Royal Court of Evendarr regarding what is now being called the Rotarian Catastrophe. Information from the Evendarrian Royal Navy, and ships sailed from as far south as the Duchies of Sutherland and Tyrangel collects at Castle Evendarr. Healers have traveled from as far north in Avalon as the Kingdom of Kaurath to lend assistance. Noble and commonfolk alike from Ravenholt, Ashbury, and Evendarr comb the shores of eastern Evendarr searching for survivors, and any semblance of historical or traditional value from Rotaria that may be recovered.

The Ravenholt Healers Guild received more resurrections than any other Circle of Power within reasonable range of the Catastrophe. Guildmaster Silent, child of Ravenholt’s Mystic Wood, sent the call far and wide to gather magisters, healers, and wizards that were capable of assisting in resurrection, or caring for injured survivors. Many answered. Healers with even the barest amount of skill reported to Ravenholt’s Healers Guilds, and were redirected to different circles around that northern neighbor of Rotaria. Without delay, the Nine Kingdoms of Kaurath dispatched emergency food, textiles, and other resources including trained healers into Evendarr’s Principalities of Northmarch and Greenmarch to assist its neighbor during extreme need.

Dame Merry MacGregor, Royal Knight Protector of the Orphans of Evendarr, volunteered for all too familiar resurrection duty in Ravenholt’s Healers Guilds. She called to the spirits of the children of Rotaria first. It was her gentle and familiar touch that they recognized, and were it not for her, many of the children would not have had the strength to resurrect at all. As was her duty, the royal knight next reached into the spirit world to call to Duke Morten Sarten of Rotaria. Despite her best efforts, the life essence of that noble has not yet answered. Duke Sarten is said to have been in the coastal capital city of Daven when the Catastrophe occurred. Worse yet, the Royal Court of Evendarr has received word that trade delegations from both Ashbury and Ravenholt were in Rotaria at that time. Duke Luther Eindrake of Ashbury and as yet unaccounted members of the ducal house are believed missing at sea with Rotaria. Ravenholt’s Count Benedict Monay of Dragonshire is also believed to have been caught in the Catastrophe.

No more than 300 spirits have been reported to resurrect from Rotaria. None whatsoever from Daven, or those said to have been near the coast have been reported to resurrect at all. More spirits resurrected in Ravenholt than surrounding areas. A few days after the Catastrophe which occurred on 19 April 614, Guildmaster Silent and others said that resurrections of any sort largely abated, and no further spirits have yet resurrected from the disaster in several days. Representatives of Evendarr’s Royal Healers Guild fear that the trauma of the disaster may have been so extreme that most spirits lost with Rotaria may lack the strength to resurrect at all.

The search for survivors has yielded perhaps as many as 100 lives saved from the sea, and along the shores of the Barony of Capulus in Ravenholt, as well as Ashbury, Evendarr, and the isle of Janitria. A sea otter scavenger from Tyrangel named Pogue has been inspiring local citizens in the north by bravely swimming out to rocky areas to which the rescue ships cannot navigate closely, bringing in daring survivors one at a time. Pogue has also been working with naval cartographers to speed the process of charting the coastal areas.

King Johann Storm of House Endarr promoted Lord Admiral Purdue Byrne to High Lord Admiral of the Evendarr Royal Navy in supreme command of the kingdom’s naval forces until such time as the crisis of the Rotarian Catastrophe has abated. High Lord Admiral Byrne currently serves as a member of the Ducal Court of Ravenholt. Rescue efforts now sadly focus their search for the remains of victims, and also recovery of the resources of Rotaria and the civilization of merfolk rumored to have lived nearby in Daven Sound – an area now being colloquially renamed by sailors as the “Gulf of Hollym.” Naval forces from Tyrangel’s Barony of Marentha, and from further south in Sutherland’s Isles de Hoenig have traveled north, and now work in coordination with High Lord Admiral Byrne to assist in the recovery. Countess Portia Kent and alchemists from the Sweetbrush Academy in Tyrangel’s County of Theisgate have been working with local representatives of the Kingdom of the Sea to craft potions of water-breathing further to assist Evendarr with recovery and survey efforts.

Meanwhile, in Ravenholt’s City of Coombe, Eastwyck, Baron Telaris Eastwyck ordered the construction of new magical nodes connected to the Gateways of Avalon. That small outpost in the north of Ravenholt has become something of a hub for reuniting those who survived and were separated. Assistance from allies from among the kingdoms in the Accords of Avalon, and other friends of Evendarr such as the Nine Kingdoms of Kaurath, coordinate through Coombe, relieving the burden on the capital cities of Ravenholt and Ashbury. Even the commonfolk give generously to aid those in need. The residents of a small village in the Barony of Martalya, Tyrangel, pooled their savings to send a collection of 1 gold, 6 silver, 1 copper to benefit the survivors. On the southern border of Ravenholt, Lord Branoven Taine, Seneschal of the Barony of Westmarch, dusted off the town’s festival tents in the estate of Trader’s Rest to house both rescuers and survivors. Nobility from several duchies, principalities, and the Royal Court of Evendarr are currently using Trader’s Rest as their local point of coordination for rescue and recovery efforts. Trader’s Rest was once the last stop on the road into Rotaria, and it now faces its own difficulties with nearby rising coastal waters. Nobles sleep on cots and on the ground next to commoners in Trader’s Rest as every pair of hands in the area is set to work feverishly to rescue as many as can be saved.

South of Ravenholt, the mood of Ashbury City is grim. Prince Nathan Blackstone Buttons of Greenmarch is present to coordinate the courts of the duchy in their present grief and state of disarray. At most recent report, the Royal Court of Greenmarch is ardently at work trying to contact the outlying nobles of Ashbury, Niman, and the Protectorate of Valindell, many of whom are away from their courts, busy with rescue efforts. Greenmarch is uncertain how many of its nobles are safe after the Catastrophe, and who may be missing. Only the Protectorate of Valindell appears currently spared by recent difficulties to curse Greenmarch, but Prince Nathan Blackstone Buttons has not yet received official word from that far-flung court. Baron Agnar Anti-Tiburon and Baroness Azrael Vardik, Regents of the Ash Forest, are confirmed to be alive, and working hard alongside healers come from the Nine Kingdoms of Kaurath to restore peace to that troubled newly coastal barony in the east of Ashbury. Thankfully, reports place the heir of Ashbury, Squire Mykel Nordenn, safely inland in Trellheim at the time of the disaster. The young man, son of the late Duchess Mara and Duke Bryan Nordenn of Ashbury, is said to be safe and well, guarded by Evendarrian Knights of the Orchestra. Sir Derek Northridge, reputed to be one of the greatest swordsmen in all of Evendarr, personally stands at the side of Squire Nordenn to guard him until the extent of current disasters is better understood by the Princes of Greenmarch.

Prince James Richard Buttons IV of Greenmarch is in Evendarr City meanwhile, coordinating survey and recovery efforts after a disaster in the Avalonian interior earlier this year. On 22 February 614, huge earthquakes ripped through a large swath of the continent encompassing damage in the Kingdom of Avendale, Aeran’or, Rockshire, Evendarr’s Duchy of Greyhorn, Evendarr’s Elysia, across the Plains of Hadran, and into the western border of Evendarr’s beleaguered Principality of Greenmarch in the Duchy of Niman. Only now are clear reports of the extent of the damage filtering into Evendarr City, largely assisted in clarity by the messenger outpost established in Coombe, Eastwyck. The efforts of the quick and perceptive gathered in Eastwyck have made possible better use of the Avalonian Gates to disseminate clear, accurate information throughout Avalon. Only through Coombe’s efforts is Avalon now starting to receive word of the extent of damage from the February earthquake.

In the Kingdom of Avendale, smaller earthquakes swayed for weeks after the initial disaster in late February. More than 600 lives are confirmed lost after great chasms opened in the earth, swallowing the entirety of at least two entire villages. Even Coombe has not yet received the names of the lost villages, or names of notable missing or dead at this time. Much as in the Rotarian Catastrophe, fewer resurrections than hoped have been reported.

The town of Blue Brook in Aeran’or was taken into the great fissure causing great loss of life. Mining areas in the south have collapsed and Coombe does not yet know of the success of rescue efforts for the miners there. Worst yet, the great Queen of Aeran’or is said to be missing. None can yet account for the monarch’s whereabouts, and the people there grieve beyond consolation. Many operations of court in Aeran’or are said to be at a standstill in despair over the Queen’s disappearance, and news leaves the area slowly.

In the independent territory of Rockshire, the devastation of the earthquake has redrawn the map. A portion of Rockshire’s coastline separated into the Sea of Storms, creating a nearly impassable barrier reef which surveyors are still trying to chart weeks later. Mountains previously not present now reach forth from the new coastline. The port city of Quickstep Bay reaches to the Kingdom of Evendarr for assistance, as do the Lord and Lady of Rockshire proper. Seven great chasms have torn the duchy asunder, though fortunately no whole villages were lost. Heavy earth elemental activity has been reported around Rockshire’s borders. Stories circulate from Rockshire proper about a rabbit scavenger named Junior Rabbit advocating widely the power of the elemental plane of Stone. Coombe has received rumors that it may have been earth elemental activity which triggered the earthquake in the first place.

In the interior of Rockshire, as many permanent deaths as 300 have been reported, and resurrections are estimated to climb near 500. The vast majority of the Boar Barbarian Tribe suffered resurrection in the disaster. Lord Faustus Evermore of the Wolf and Bear Tribes, Lord of Eastgate in Evendarr’s Duchy of Greyhorn, has graciously offered the Boar Tribe safe haven in his lands in Greyhorn until such time as their lands are safe.

Earthquakes have left exposed the underground areas of Rockshire known as the “Undershire” favored by dark elves, causing difficulties both practical and cultural in the area. Raids on neighboring areas on the surface have been blamed on dark elves whose underground habitat was disrupted by the disaster. The call for aid of any type has reached far from Rockshire. One individual by name of Azazel Evermore is reported to be at the forefront of assistance, particularly against the dark elf raids. Evermore is said to have risen as a local hero in the small town of Bretton. Dark elves working in Coombe report rumors that help may have been offered to the Rockshire Undershire from as far as the Kingdom of Draelonde in the north, and the settlement of Kirishai beneath the Duchy of Tyrangel. If the Undershire has accepted this help, the dark elves are keeping their plans to themselves, however. Little is known on the surface of the details with one exception elsewhere. A dark elven woman of Kirishai named Ran’Tana Aldan Cal’Vas Val’Ithra Bokenjen has been gating among Tyrangel, Evendarr City, and Coombe, trying to coordinate the efforts of scholars to rescue any recovered works of Rotaria’s extensive libraries, or capture surface copies early before the information is lost to disruption and chaos of recovery.

A 600 foot-wide fissure running through the Windarr Mountains now redefines the border between Evendarr’s Duchy of Greyhorn, and its immediate neighbor, the Duchy of Elysia in the Principality of Northmarch. Trade has been disrupted in the area, as has irrigation for spring planting in both lands. Only the Avalonian Gate system between the two duchies has mitigated trade difficulties in any manner.

Grievous word comes from the Plains of Hadran that the City of Krezha fell in the earthquake in a matter of moments. No survivors have been reported, and even the outpost at Coombe has not received any count whatsoever of possible resurrections. News from Hadran is eerily absent currently.

During the Rotarian Catastrophe, the lives of Evendarr’s Princes of Greenmarch who shared the capital of coastal Daven were spared only through their tour of equally horrific damage in the Duchy of Niman. Two cities, Red Wind and Wiertesh, disappeared beneath the earth, swallowed by one of the earthquake fissures. The City of Ontallow has been evacuated due to slow but ongoing damage as one of the cracks in the face of Tyrra works its way inexorably toward the lake that separates Niman and Quentari. Many fear possible future repercussions should the fissure reach the lake. Over 700 deaths have been confirmed in Niman thus far, and the Royal Court of Greenmarch fears future damage until the land literally settles and calms.

Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Quentari is not without its own concerns. Reports from the last ducal court of Rotaria before its fall indicated rumors that Aran Elenaro may have “disappeared.” Some claim that the Aran left court of his own accord, simply without word to his people of his destination. Other, more fearful rumors, claim any number of possible explanations for the absence of the Aran in unsettling times. Elves of all varieties throughout Avalon are conducting community meetings of their own people to discuss these recent events.

Ambassadors and courtiers from around Avalon gather presently in Evendarr City to coordinate information and bring it to all courts of the continent. Lower nobility of Evendarr and the accorded kingdoms meet at Trader’s Rest to lend what help they can. Mercenaries, adventuring companies, and the commonfolk are headed toward Coombe, Eastwyck to coordinate their own efforts there. Every hour brings more news, and all people of good heart hope that the next hour will bring some word of comfort or joy in the midst of so much grief.
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