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Tyrangel Reports on Tragedy in Rotaria
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Fri May 16 2014, 02:50PM
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Tragedy in Rotaria
by Amelia Chandler

In the wake of the horrific loss of one of Evendarr’s duchies not a single person in the kingdom remains unaffected. It is times like this that bring us all together and show us what it really means to be Evendarrian. The outpouring of kindness and generosity from across the kingdom and beyond continues with no signs of stopping, showing ourselves and the world what we are all really made of. I recently spoke to those gathered in Tyrangel City and got their take on the disaster. I first spoke to a knight of the Sutherlands, Sir Daniel, and his young companion Gabriel. The good knight was curious as to how such a thing could happen. You could see in his eyes that like many he cannot fathom the incredible body count of the disaster. As the kingdom reels trying to make sense of the senseless he seems assured that this must have been an accident, that no one could have intended to do something like this. “They have our sympathy,” Sir Daniel stated, and he urged the refugees to come to the Sutherlands where they would find ample support and generosity.

Baron Doom of the Dreadlands had just arrived after weeks on the road and was shocked to hear the news, “That’s bad.” He said upon hearing the details. “I’m firmly against sinking duchies.” Like many of us he seemed at an utter loss as to how to process such devastating news.

Next I spent time in the Theisgate quarter having breakfast with Baroness Amaris of Marentha and Baron Syl of Wulfshire, who was celebrating his 460th Birthday. The Baroness has sent ships to aid in the recovery and to lend assistance. She had this to say, “Our condolences go out to all involved, and we are sending what aid we can in these trying times.” They speculated that the cause of the disaster was a ritual that had gone awry. They believe that either a ritual did not succeed as planned or that the true purpose of the ritual had been obscured from the casters.

Of course not all have such optimistic explanations for what happened. Some believe there was a darker purpose. “That’s a heck of a way to take care of some assassins,” Ranger Edwin of Tyrangel stated. He proposed that perhaps Mistport would have been a better target. He stated that assassins from Rotaria attempted to kill the Duchess of Tyrangel in her own home and that she traveled there with many supporters to investigate. The results of this investigation were unknown, but Ranger Edwin was sure on one point, the Duchess left Rotaria only a couple of weeks before it sank.

Another source who chose to remain anonymous blames the nobility, “Loose lips sink ships, tight lips sink duchies.” He blames the secrecy and the hiding of the truth from the common people for the tragedy. He was afraid to come forward out of fear of retribution but he seemed to think that things like this wouldn’t happen if only people would be open and honest with one another instead of perpetrating round after round of political intrigue and backstabbing.

Conspiracy or accident only time will tell. For now we focus on not the cause of the tragedy but on helping those left behind, comforting those who have been most deeply touched by the loss. One thing is for sure, for good or ill, Evendarr will never be the same.

NERO Atlanta would like to share with you some stories from its Tyrangel Campaign, such as this local perspective on a story from national scope.

You can find more information about NERO Atlanta, host of the October 3-6, 2014 National Event at:
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