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Tyrangel Reports on The Necropolis of Glen Maerd
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Fri May 16 2014, 02:51PM
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The Necropolis of Glen Maerd
by Amelia Chandler

A hero’s work is never done. While in Tyrangel City I was honored to bear witness to the brave men and women who were struggling to defeat and purify a foul necropolis. I accompanied Baron Doon, Lady Danae, Sir Daniel, Sparky, Jonathan, Kayla, Sebastian, Samuel, and Justin Kordt into the necropolis as they sought to rescue living hostages and set explosive charges to weaken the undead. I watched these hearty adventurers march into the necropolis and put down no less than 21 death knights and 7 Banshees among other undead. The fighting was intense and close. If not for quick thinking and skilled actions all would have perished. I genuinely thought that I had seen my last day but in the end they succeeded and rescued 8 innocent victims from the city.

Under the Coordination of Baron Syl and Lady Danae, more than 100 hostages were rescued and brought to safety before the city was destroyed along with the undead and the taint cleansed from the land. It is a tribute to their planning and the dedication of the adventuring community that victory was seen.
NERO Atlanta would like to share with you some stories from its Tyrangel Campaign, such as this item from local news.

You can find more information about NERO Atlanta, host of the October 3-6, 2014 National Event at:

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