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Sir Derek Northridge Elevated as Duke of Ashbury in Evendarr
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Wed May 28 2014, 08:24PM
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Prince James Richard Buttons IV of Evendarr’s Principality of Greenmarch has appointed Sir Derek Northridge, Knight of the Orchestra, as the new Duke Regent of Ashbury. More than one month after the Rotaria Catastrophe on 19 April 614, and the disappearance of Duke Luther Eindrake of Ashbury, the search for His Grace has ended, and Duke Eindrake is believed to be permanently dead, lost with Rotaria. At princely court held in Ashbury City, the temporary royal residence of Greenmarch, on 23 May 614, both Princes of Greenmarch were in attendance to receive Duke Northridge’s oath of fealty. Duke Northridge is appointed as Regent for the young Squire Mykel Nordenn, son of the late Duchess Mara and Duke Bryan Nordenn of Ashbury, continuing heir to the ducal seat. Sir Derek Northridge is widely reputed to be one of the finest swordsmen in Evendarr. His skill with a blade, reputation for quick thinking on the battlefield, and unquestioned loyalty to the crown after 15 years of royal service earned him the invitation to stand at the side of both the Princes of Greenmarch and Squire Nordenn during the uncertainty of the past several weeks.

Northridge’s elevation to the ducal office comes after 15 years’ service in the Royal Court of Evendarr as a Knight of the Orchestra, and prior service in Ravenholt as a baron, ducal knight, and baronial knight dating back to 593. Duke Northridge has often been called to stand as the King’s Champion in various disputes in the past 15 years. He is viewed as a leader within the royal court and an inspiration to others in adherence to duty.

Raised as a commoner in Ravenholt’s Barony of Eastwyck near Shandlin's Ferry, Duke Northridge eventually took to the life of an adventurer in 589 when he helped found the legendary commoner group, The Clan of the Hand. In his late teens, Duke Northridge joined the baronial court of Cumberland, where he quickly rose through the ranks of the Cumberland Army and was named Knight Protector of Haven in 593. During the disarray and confusion of 594 following the assassination of Prince Basil Ravenhurst of Northmarch, Duke Northridge travelled to the far off Kingdom of Baddira where he befriended King Robert Eddain, and returned to Evendarr as Baddira’s Ambassador. In 595, Derek Northridge returned to Ravenholt to swear his oath of knighthood within the court of Duke Andros Paragon. Northridge served as the Lord Magistrate of Ravenholt for nearly two years, experience which would later recommend him as one of the Knights of the Orchestra. On 1 January 596, the Ducal Court of Ravenholt appointed Derek Northridge as Baron of Westmarch, fulfilling his family’s goal to restore the honor of its name in those lands. Baron Vandal Northridge, the Duke’s uncle, is an infamous figure in Westmarch local history whose name is hardly spoken without a chill by the local people.

Duke Northridge’s accomplishments as Baron of Westmarch were plentiful, beginning with a successful campaign against invading Sessuar in 596. While much of the rest of Ravenholt fell to the advancing force, Duke Northridge and his Court of Westmarch lost but one city, Trader's Rest, which they heroically retook, not giving an inch of soil for the rest of the war. Trader’s Rest continues in peace and prosperity to this day, and currently serves as the regional headquarters for recovery efforts along the shores of Capulus and Ashbury following the Rotaria Catastrophe.

Duke Northridge immediately accepted the oath of Squire Nordenn into his personal household. His Grace then elevated the Regents of the Ash Forest to fully recognized status as Barons of Ashbury. Baron Agnar Anti-Tiburon and Baroness Azrael Vardik plan to guide Duke Northridge on a tour of the Ash Forest and its new coast to survey the extent of damage from the Rotaria Catastrophe. Rumors indicate that the Ash Forest may now be under perpetual twilight under its thick canopy, and that Light spells may not achieve full functionality in the Ash Forest at present. Duke Northridge suspects shadow elemental activity, and plans to personally lead the investigation into the phenomenon.

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