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Gaseous Form Clarification
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Mon Jun 02 2014, 08:32PM

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When in gaseous form you can use no other in game skills other than the ability to solidify yourself.
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Tue Jun 03 2014, 12:25AM
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Why in the world is a clarification like this made on a monster skill? As long as proper calls are made by a monster in gaseous form, it seems like an unnecessary (if relatively obscure and rarely used) decision. A monster can't rift from gaseous form?

And before we get the "when people are transformed" BS, they are operating inside monster rules at that point anyhow, hopefully in a more controlled setting.
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Tue Jun 03 2014, 12:37PM
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Someone asked: Can a vampire in gaseous form dodge or phase past an arcane solidify from a stake of woe? The prior wording in the rules only talks about not being able to attack anyone while in gaseous form. It doesn't address defensive skills.
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Wed Jun 04 2014, 01:08AM
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Question still stands.
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Wed Jun 04 2014, 11:05AM
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We have those that will take advantage of the way rules are worded on both sides of the fence, from time to time clarification is needed.
Sometimes because the 'interpretation' spreads like wildfire, other times they can happen due to adjudications or even just a flurry of questions about it.
I've personally seen this played both ways in various chapters I've visited and marshals in my chapter have ruled either way on it, due to the way it was worded.

Now it's cut and dry.
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Fri Jun 06 2014, 08:15PM
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Thanks very much for this ruling. The way it's worded in the rule book, you can still attack in melee and use any skills or abilities that don't require speech, not only Dodge, Phase, and Resist Magic, but also elemental damage, monster packet attacks, etc. I never saw anyone try to do that while gaseous, but it could have come up so the additional clarity is very helpful.
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