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Elenteir Ar-Din and All Elves Called to Quentari
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Fri Jun 13 2014, 03:35PM
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Word travels quickly through all of Avalon and even to parts of the continent of Zephyr that the Royal Court of Quentari has invited elves of all descriptions to come to the elven kingdom if they are so able at this time. Further, in the absence of the Quentari monarch, its royal court has invited the brother of the king to return to court to act as advisor and decision maker during uncertain times.

Aran Elenaro Ar-Din of Quentari departed from Din-Oth, the capital city, in March this year, taking only a small force of bodyguards with him. Sources close to that royal house say that an elven girl was admitted to the presence of the Aran in formal court under unusual circumstances. The girl delivered a prophecy which left the Aran visibly shaken. Soon after, Aran Elenaro departed from court under equally unusual circumstances. No official reports of his whereabouts, or word of where the elven monarch may have traveled have been delivered by Quentari’s ambassadors to the other kingdoms united in the Accords of Avalon.

Recent rumors travel through Avalonian elven communities of the recall of Aran Elenteir Ar-Din, King of the Q’Andiri Kingdom of Zephyr, and brother to Aran Elenaro. Quentari has invited Aran Elenteir to return to the homeland he departed many centuries ago when, along with several hundred followers, he founded Q’Andiri with the assistance of the Prevani elves. Although Aran Elenteir has not yet been named Regent in any formality, rumors indicate that the Quentari Court seeks guidance beyond its current capacity in the absence of Aran Elenaro. Many close to the court speculate that formal regency may be near on the horizon.

Neighboring Evendarrian sources in the Principality of The Heart claim that Prince Derek Blackstone was in the company of Aran Elenteir at the time His Majesty received the invitation to return to Quentari. Those sources say that the letter to Aran Elenteir was signed by none other than Princess Marieden Ar-Din of Quentari. Prince Blackstone, a well-known scholar of Evendarrian history, was reportedly unable to disguise his surprise at the mention of a name of someone whom none in Evendarr knew remained living. Queen Marieden Ar-Din Endarr reigned as Monarch of Evendarr from 258–267 YR before abdicating the throne to King Ulson II. In the current upset of circumstances in both Quentari and Evendarr, rumormongers scramble to ascertain the significance of Princess Marieden’s re-emergence into the public eye.

Meanwhile, elves are not alone in fear of rumors that mention the name of the destruction elemental so central to the Dimensional Wars in Avalon’s history, Guxx Unfadoo. Some stories even claim that Guxx Unfadoo may have been seen in Quentari in the flesh as recently as this spring. Many wonder if Aran Elenaro departed court to face this ancient nemesis of the Quentari as well as the Ar-Din Family in particular. Other rumors abound, possibly even more frightful to the elves, stories which claim that the Great Spirit Tree of the Quentari may be wilting. While fear causes that story to warp with every telling, one piece of information out of the elven kingdom is all too accurately reported to those collecting information in Coombe, Ravenholt: Water levels are reportedly draining rapidly from Lake Quentari. Recent earthquakes across Avalon continue to cause havoc long after the earth has stopped moving. A chasm that ripped through Evendarr’s Duchy of Niman in February finally reached the great body of water separating the human and elven kingdoms. Lake Quentari’s waters appear to be draining underground.

Word from Quentari races from one elven community to another throughout Avalon: The great kingdom invites all elves into its borders during this time of uncertainty. Most unusually, this invitation is expressly extended to elves of all descriptions, not merely those descended of the blood of Quentari. Although subtle in its communication, this extension of unity belies the perception of extreme need in Quentari at this time. The open nature of this general invitation to elvenkind is so very unusual as to raise concern by itself among elven households throughout Tyrra. Elves from all the kingdoms of Avalon have begun to emigrate toward Quentari, heeding its call for unity and assistance.

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