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Proclamation from Quentari: Elenteir Ar-Din Named Royal Regent
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Fri Jun 20 2014, 07:31PM
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The Kingdom of Quentari sends messengers far and wide to elven communities and kingdom governments through Avalon, proclaiming the following:

Be it known that on this 20th day of June in the Year LE 674, the Glorious and Illuminated Realm of Quentari humbly beseeched His Harmonious Majesty Aran Elenteir Ar-Din, King of the Q’Andiri, beloved son of Aran Galavier Ar-Din and Queen Galaryn, to Officiate the engagements of the domain on behalf of his cherished kinsman and brother, His Luminous Majesty Aran Elenaro Ar-Din, during this requisite and temporary vacancy from his sanctuary. As the sun rose over the Glorious Haven of Din-Oth on this First Day of Summer did the Illuminated Realm act in the Interests of His Luminous Majesty to name Aran Elenteir Ar-Din of Q’Andiri as Regent of Quentari until such time as it gladdens His Luminous Majesty to regain his preeminence as our benevolent and most devoted Aran.
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