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Quentari to Close Its Borders to Outsiders on 13 July
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Tue Jul 08 2014, 08:33PM
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His Majesty Elenteir Ar-Din, Royal Regent of the elven Kingdom of Quentari, has dispatched messengers to all corners of Avalon. Quentari urgently entreats all persons of elven heritage of any type to come “home”. Citing only “internal matters related to elvenkind,” Aran Elenteir plans to close the borders of the great kingdom to all outsiders upon the setting of the sun on Sunday, 13th July. Until further notice, the elven kingdom will thereafter welcome no further travelers, traders, or even diplomats sent to its court from outside its borders. The gates to the great city Din-Oth will close, and portals connected to the Avalonian Gates will be guarded and none allowed to pass through them. Quentari’s invitation, printed over the seal of Aran Elenteir, closes with the words, “We as a people face a dark time ahead of us. We must forge a path through the coming darkness to find the light again.”
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