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2014 National Event Pre-Registration Instructions
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Wed Sep 03 2014, 08:10PM
Director, Evendarr Royal Court Story, NERO National Plot
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Please follow the link below to pre-register for the October 3-6, 2014 NERO National Event:;n=16

Do not register through the national database; please register directly through NERO Atlanta's website. This is at the request of the hosting chapter.

Both NPCs and PCs are asked to pre-register through this site. We believe that this event will become sold out. It's essential to pre-register to guarantee your space in a bed and cabin for this weekend event.
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Thu Sep 04 2014, 12:30AM
Rowell Ka'taan
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Umm...signing up on the National Web Site for the National Event pre-reg's the players into the system, and then forwards them directly to the Nero Atlanta pre-reg page. Don't see a problem with pre-regging on the national site: otherwise, you're going to have a logistical nightmare manually entering all those PC's and NPC's, and keeping track of things.
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Mon Sep 22 2014, 12:09AM
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No, Nero Atlanta doesn't use the national registration at all. They use their own site only. So registering at the national site doesn't go to them.
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Sun Sep 28 2014, 12:45PM
Joseph Valenti

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Registering through the Nero National site automatically forwards you to the atlanta registration page so they can capture the information they need for the event. The people who are registered on the site as Atlanta owners and logistics have access to see all of the people who register on the national site for the event. By registering on the atlanta site alone you aren't reckonized as registered in the national site until some other person atlanta logistics - registers you in the national site and registers you and gives you your characters experience and your member experience. So, register on the Nero National Online DB site where everyone else does, and then get forwarded to the Atlanta site and complete registration there too.
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