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Quentari Calls Adventurers to Gather: 3-6 October
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Fri Sep 05 2014, 03:30AM
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The Eternal and Resplendent Kingdom of Quentari bids greetings to Our Esteemed Avalonian Neighbors and All People of Stalwart Disposition of the Mortal Realm of Tyrra.

This missive brings dire tidings. The Glorious Haven known as Din-Oth has been laid to waste. Cringing ears yet endure the war chants of our enemy, those purveyors of conspiracy and trespass across the borders between Realms both Mortal and Dimensional, those known as the Celestial Dawn. The horrors witnessed by the tearful eyes of the Quentari People were no dream. There are those who walk among the free folk of Tyrra who would bring about the advent of a new Dimensional War. Across all Domains of Avalon, the tremors of similar threats pry children from the arms of their parents, and drive warriors to their knees in humility against the awesome threats against mortality. Lake Quentari drains of its shimmering waters by the day, seeping inexorably into a chasm that scars the face of Avalon. The once proud human demesne of Rotaria was claimed by the merciless sea. The earth has opened its gaping maw and swallowed whole villages and scores of lives uncountable. No kingdom, no people of Avalon has escaped the ravages of a realm in peril. No more can any Sovereign Territory or Free People keep the pride that urges us to stand alone on the field. Avalon, indeed all Good People of Tyrra must band together to scheme against the darkness that creeps under the doorsill at this twilight of the year.

The Glorious and Illuminated Realm of Quentari is in need of the bravery and cunning of any and all willing adventurers. Our Ancient Realm confronts challenges most arduous, the most harrowing Great Quentari has faced in centuries. The Elven People beseech our allies of Tyrra to come to our aid. His Luminous Majesty Aran Elenaro Ar-Din is missing from our company, the golden land is broken, we are besieged by delusions that we cannot name, and we face an ever-growing menace of elemental enemies from across the dimensions. In response to these threats before us, and the downfall of the great city Din-Oth, His Harmonious Majesty Elenteir Ar-Din, Royal Regent of the Elven Kingdom of Quentari has opened our borders once again. With open arms, the Quentari People call to our neighbors and confederates, come to the Ancient Homeland, stand with us!

What was once an internal matter for the Glorious and Illuminated Realm of Quentari now cries out to all Tyrrans to unite as shieldmates and allies. Together we must assemble as the threshold against any threat of extradimensional conflict. In concord, we must triumph. Pride and indecision must not and cannot fuel our destruction. The Ancient and Noble Realm of Quentari calls all those who are stout of heart and patient hand to a Gathering of Adventurers in the City of Annaduin on the cracking shores of Lake Quentari. We will meet just as the first leaves of autumn begin to fall, from the 3rd to the 6th day of October. Come together as mortals, stand side-to-side as sisters and brothers of Tyrra, collaborators, and together let us devise our strategy to lay these great threats to rest.

OOG: This is an invitation to the 2014 NERO National Event over Friday-Monday, October 3-6, 2014. The event is hosted by NERO Atlanta at beautiful AH Stephens State Park in Crawfordville, Georgia. This event is expected to sell out, so please register for the event and make your plans early. Please pre-register by creating a login for the NERO Atlanta website at:

Once logged into the website, please visit the link for "National Event Registration" on the horizontal menu bar. Please use this site for pre-registration for this event, and not the NERO national database.

Questions about event registration, pricing, Logistics, and the campsite can be directed to NERO Atlanta staff through its website forums, or the Facebook group, "NERO Atlanta."

Questions about Transforms, items, special circumstances, or liaison with Local or Regional Plot Committees can be directed to Darrin Myers, Director of NERO National Plot, at national.plot.director©

We eagerly look forward to seeing you in Quentari in October!

~NERO National Plot
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