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Starting gear
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Thu Sep 18 2014, 01:25PM
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Where is starting gear documented in the rules. Or is page 8 the governing text and the rest varies by chapter?
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Thu Sep 18 2014, 02:58PM
Rowell Ka'taan
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I thought starting gear was basically one weapon for each weapon skill you had (ie, get 1 sword if you have One Handed Edge skill, get a dagger if you have Florentine, get a short sword if you have Two Weapons, get a Shield if you have Shield skill, etc)...and a suit of armor based on your class and costuming.
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Fri Oct 10 2014, 01:33PM
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I know in Nero Kzoo we give them 2 silver pieces and a suit of armor for whatever they are reaping and weapon tags for whatever phys reps they bring into game. And that has been the way it has been handled around our neck of the woods since 1995.
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Sat Oct 11 2014, 03:38PM
Joseph Valenti

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In 2003 at the symposium we all agreed that the chapter owner gets to choose how much stuff to give a starting player at thier game, since the way chapters were starting people off varied greatly, and the entire goal is for us to get people to the game and let them role play and not necesarily spend time having to find tags to match thier gear in-game. We agreed also that returning players woudl be aoutfitted with reasonable gear (tags) befitting thier level so they had what they needed to be near the same level as others in thier level, but hat we preferred to give a minimal amount and insure they get the other stuff during role-play and treasure awarded for in-game actions, though handing them some reasonable limited amount of stuff would be ok. Ultimately we each understand the ramifications of giving too much starting treasure to new players and returning players and also that what we give them must nearly always be the same for the favoratism factors.
When I ran my game, I personally gave players a few-to-6 gold and half-dozen silver, and all the item tags they needed, and a few potions of defense and healing, and make sure they got treasure in the game (thogh i and my staff werent perfect either). Nowadays I would give returning player a magic item with 3-5 effects on thier card so it cant be stolen traded, and two components.
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