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Evendarr Royal Court To Convene in Annaduin, Quentari on 4th October
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Thu Sep 18 2014, 08:18PM
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In recognition of centuries of cooperation and kinship between the Kingdoms of Evendarr and Quentari, Evendarr will heed the call to arms in Annaduin.

His Majesty King Johann Storm of House Endarr will personally lead the Evendarrian response with the Princes of the Realm at his side. By leave of His Majesty Aran Elenteir Ar-Din, Royal Regent of Quentari, the Royal Court of Evendarr will convene in Annaduin on the 4th day of October, 614 YR. Evendarr will hold a formal session of court, and will receive petitions from the Evendarrian and Quentari peoples, as well as those other neighbors of Avalon and Tyrra seeking the attention of the Court of Evendarr. Common and foreign petitioners should seek sponsorship of a sworn noble of Evendarr for their presentation.

On that date, Evendarr will receive the Oath of Fealty of Prince Rhogar Huntington of the Principality of the Savagelands.

His Majesty King Johann will welcome as friend to Evendarr His Majesty High King Morathel Kaurathel of the Nine Kingdoms of Kaurath. Kaurath will join all glorious kingdoms of Avalon united for the common good as it signs the Accords of Avalon, as well as private treaties with Evendarr concerning Military Comportment, Mutual and Equitable Trade, and Justice and Extradition between the two great kingdoms.

His Majesty King Johann invites all those sworn to noble service within the Kingdom of Evendarr to attend the royal court in Annaduin as witnesses to these momentous events.
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