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Excited Newbie
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Tue Sep 30 2014, 02:30PM
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Howdy! My name is Jaymie and I have never been involved in LARP. I am very excited to go to an event in the future though. I have already read over 90% of the rulebook (I skipped some stuff like formal magic for the time being).

I plan on moving to the Chicago area around Febraury or March so that will probably be my home chapter; however, I make a living as a truck driver hauling chemical tankers all over the US so I'm hoping to show up at events all over the country if I can plan my time off accordingly.

I also started making a character on the member's database and I'm currently fleshing out the last of the build points and backstory (I may be new to LARP, but I have been involved with RPG's like D&D many times in the past so I'm no stranger to character creation).

Anyway, nice to meet everyone and I hope to make it to an event sometime early next spring.
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Thu Oct 09 2014, 04:14AM
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Welcome to the fold Jaymie! I hope you enjoy your first LARP experience and get to try out many of the great Nero chapters across the country. Best of luck!

James Hallas, Nero Argo player
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Fri Oct 10 2014, 01:31PM
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Very Cool Jay! There are alot of chapters in the chicago area as well. You have Vanguard which is southern illinois, Highborn which is Western Illinois, Wisconsin which is northern illinois. Plus you have Nero Grand Rapids and Nero Kzoo which are within a couple of hours drive time as the are west Michigan. Go to facebook and look them up and join there pages and we cant wait to see you at events!

Seth Warfield
Nero Kzoo

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