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Racial claws and backstabs
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Thu Nov 20 2014, 04:27PM
Kain Nightwind
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So in reading through the racial playtest again.. I noticed that backstabs and assassinates aren't mentioned specifically in regards to racial claws (and racial weapons in general), and I was wondering if that was an oversight, or deliberate..
Do backstabs and assassinates equate to proficiencies and slays?
Obviously if they do, then handedness would apply..

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Wed Nov 26 2014, 01:01PM
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There was a big debate on this previously. Backstabs and Dodge/Assassinates don't required set types of weaponry, so the writer of the playtest assumed that it was understood that they would be useable with claws. The only part that doesn't make that intuitive is that claws are not a "weapon skill", which caused a bunch of confusion.

It was ultimately decided that both of those skills would work with racial weapons and claws following the appropriate handedness rules.

Also, the Racial Playtest is officially over according to the dates on the playtest, however it has been said by alternate sources that those rules will remain regardless of that fact.

Hope that helps,

[ Edited Wed Nov 26 2014, 01:01PM ]
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Mon Dec 01 2014, 07:28PM

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Backstabs and assassinates apply to claws as if they are another "weapon" the character knows how to use.
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