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What is good about being a human?
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Sun Aug 21 2011, 06:26PM
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When I went to the Nero Cincinnati 10 day event, I didn't have any race specific costuming or face paint so I was stuck as a human...

What's good about being a human?
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Sun Aug 21 2011, 09:00PM
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I generally prefer not playing a human...but there are some good things about it.
1. No racial disadvantages(no advantages either, though)
2. No makeup requirements (which is why I play a gypsy in the summer)
3. Virtually limitless roleplay and cultural options.
4. It can be easier to play a human. You don't really need to learn how to play another race, what makes them acceptable to other members of their race...etc
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Sun Aug 21 2011, 09:04PM
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removing double post

[ Edited Sun Aug 21 2011, 09:05PM ]
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Mon Aug 22 2011, 01:15AM
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virtually no human racial plot, which means you can jib in on other racial plot without having much negative targeting you. Not alot of human pantherghasts out there.
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Mon Aug 22 2011, 05:41AM
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Yeah, but when there is a human pantherghast, boy does it suck to be human.
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Mon Aug 22 2011, 12:14PM
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Probably the best part of being a human is the diversity. Humans are almost everywhere, so you can pretty much do whatever you want in terms of culture/costuming. There aren't any stereotypes/rp rules to hit, so you're really unlikely to run into someone saying you're doing it 'wrong'.

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Tue Aug 23 2011, 09:52PM
Janelle Hayes, Owner - PRO
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Is it still possible under 9th Edition to rewrite a character that has less then 56 build, or was that only an 8th Edition playtest?

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Thu Oct 13 2011, 05:56PM
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Being unique! I think I am one of 6 or 7 humans in my chapter at this point. I'm often referred to as a "Token Human" when going on adventures or just hanging out. Freaking Elves, they breed like rabbits! ;)

In all seriousness, the lack of make up is a HUGE plus, often underestimated. I have also found my choice to play a human justified during the summer, the make up that most of the other races are required to wear can make you feel hotter than all get out. Plus it's nice to not have makeup running into your eyes when it rains or you're sweating (or "glistening" if you're a lady, cus we all know ladies don't sweat) during the summer.

The freedom that is afforded by the broad nature of the human culture (there is a human culture even if there isn't a specific packet, just look into the histories of the Kingdom of Evendarr for example) lets you be more liberal with your character history. This allows you to create a truly unique back story, unique to a degree that is not always available for the other races.

Just like any other race, it is going to be what you make of it. I could just as easily be bored with any other race/culture if I chose not to take advantage of the information that is out there. If you want to continue playing a human and need some help finding information on the histories/cultures that could be of use, ask for help on your chapter's forums or hit me up in a PM and I'll see if I can track down some info for ya. :)
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