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The Death of Prince Gabriel Harcourt of Southwatch, Evendarr
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Thu Mar 12 2015, 04:23PM
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It is with a heavy heart that I announce the death of Prince Gabriel Harcourt. Reports from the Duchy of Therendry say that he was slain in cold blood by his own Duke, Kendrick Pinetree, in the Keep of the capital of Therendry. The details of his murder are still coming to light as the authorities piece together evidence from witnesses.

Prince Harcourt ruled the Principality of Southwatch since his coronation on the twenty-third day of first month of the year six hundred and four, Evendarrian Reckoning, granted to him by Sir Thorne Darkstrider in the name of my predecessor King Mykel Endarr II.

The story of Prince Harcourt is an inspiring one. His parents, wanting only the best for their son, sought to grant him title when he came of age. However, Prince Harcourt opted instead to join the military. Offered an officer’s commission to begin his career, Prince Harcourt refused it. He preferred to start as an entry level soldier, ascending his way up the ranks through hard work and determination, refusing the special treatment with which his family name afforded him. After achieving the rank of general, he accepted the title of Viscount in the fair Duchy of Tyrangel.

Prince Harcourt always believed that it was important to be close to the common man. He insisted that to work his way through life, rather than be afforded such by his name or his riches, he would keep that belief in the common man close to his heart. He was a man of humble intent, with soft words and a soft heart. He was a man of the people, and those who knew him loved him deeply.

He was courting the lovely Anne Bartholomew before his untimely death. He was close friends with Prince Derek Blackstone of the Principality of the Heart. He is survived by no immediate family members.

In his chambers was found this letter written, it seems, only hours before his death.

“To the peoples of Southwatch,

I know not how this day will end. I set off to recover an item of Therendry from an enemy of our land. Know that I am who I am because of you all. From the nobility of Southwatch to the common farmer, you have all been an inspiration. It is my honor to serve you in the name of His Majesty. Though I hope I return to destroy this letter, if I am unable to, know that as long as Therendry and Southwatch stand against injustice and evil, it shall be forever free.

Long live Evendarr,
HH Gabriel Harcourt Prince of Southwatch”

Gabriel Harcourt, Prince of Southwatch. Born on April 4th, 579 E.R., took his last breath on March 10th, 615 E.R. He was a great man, and a great leader. May we all be so true of heart and faithful to the people we serve. A light has gone out in the world. He will be missed, but never forgotten. May you rest in peace, my friend.

By my hand,
Sir Johann Storm Endarr
King of Evendarr
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