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Sat Sep 05 2015, 02:52AM
NERO International Staff
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Greetings everyone! This is a LONG POST, please hang in there.
I have been tasked by Joseph Valenti with taking stock of our projects and work progress. It’s time to tally the bananas!

If you are working on official projects for NERO National, NERO International, Joseph Valenti or anyone else in the National hierarchy – I need you to contact me ASAP (see below). It does not matter who you are or what your title is or responsibilities or what you’re working on – trust me when I say THIS APPLIES TO YOU if you are doing any National work. ALL projects are touched by this mandate and nothing is to be excluded or given a pass. NOTHING. I know this might seem a bit heavy-handed, but the point needs to be clearly started. Got it? Good.

If you are working on UNOFFICIAL work or playtests, or are doing work of any kind for your Local Chapter – we DO NOT want you to contact us. DO NOT. Continue doing what you’re doing.

DEADLINE - October 10, 2015
The absolute drop-dead end of when your contact will be accepted and logged is October 10, 2015 (more than a month from now). Do not delay, do not pass GO, do not play with fire, just don’t. PLEASE.

Now, what happens if you don’t contact me? Simple. Whatever you’re working on officially ends immediately after the October 10, 2015 deadline. You will then be considered MIA and removed from the project(s) or tasks and not allowed back. Your work will not be accepted, it will not be used, even if you turn it in later, even if it is fully completed, and not even if it is the best thing to ever happen to NERO or LARP in the history of ever. The reason is simple. You cannot follow directions. If you’re so out of the loop you can’t get things together enough to send an email with some details, your project has likely irreparably stalled and is dead anyway. This is the one-and-only deadline. I’m not joking around. This is the way it has to be, no exceptions. END OF LINE.

This is easy. You will send me an email with the following information:
Email: tallyman©
Subject: (your real name) - NERO Projects
- Your Real Name (again)
- your official NERO title (if any, as granted by Joe)
- your email address
- your phone number (optional)
- Projects List, who authorized it, your direct report (if any), original deadline (if you know), STATUS and reason for delay/problems.
- Additional Projects? Lather/rinse/repeat

- you can also list completed projects by name, date completed, status, who has the files
- you will be asked to upload these files to a cloud storage area, such as Dropbox in the next stage of this tally (more info will be emailed to you when we are ready for that part).
- If we need more info, you’ll get a reply.
- Be patient. This is a lot to gather and collate.

DO NOT: call, text, post or PM me (Jason mote) on Facebook or message boards. You will not get a reply.
ALSO DO NOT: email any files, completed or not. NO WORK is to be emailed to me. There will be time for collection later, and specific methods for when and how.

NERO is growing in different directions and projects are being mismanaged, are stalled, or never got started in the first place. This tally will catalog the official projects, verify who is actually working on what projects and is part of what team(s). It will outlay where resources are going and on what specifically. One of the many goals is to get NERO on track to grow in the right ways, ones that make sense for our players and our culture.

One of the goals is more transparency. To be more transparent, we need to know what all the limbs are doing instead of watching them all flail about banging into each other. Once we have the tally, this data will move on to next-steps and allow us to organize the structures to succeed rather than be bottlenecked waiting for something or someone to do their part or be an approver. This is how viable projects go through the process and become either successful or early-phase terminations. This allows projects to restructure if a project failed or even permit failure if not viable (which is normal, not every project can succeed) in order to get resources to other projects which are more viable.

There are hard decisions ahead. You may not like all of them. NERO needs to do this and this is a necessary first step towards fixing things and getting some restructuring done.

We are listening to what you say! You can always voice your opinions on our Facebook Page under this post (only – others will get removed), on our website under the General Discussion: 2015 PROJECT TALLY (which will also have this post), or email me directly using tallyman©

No matter what you may think or feel, this has been coming for a long time. Now it’s here. Some people are going to have hurt feelings or feel attacked by this or get defensive – please stop because there is no reason for those feelings. We’re only taking stock here. The bottom line is that these jobs need to get done and they are not getting done right now. NERO needs to accomplish our goals and keep moving forward. Simple as that.

THANK YOU for everything you do and have done over the lifetime of this game. Together we can build a stronger NERO and a tighter LARP community for the future.

Jason Mote
Director of Policies, Procedures, and Updates
NERO International Staff

[ Edited Sat Sep 05 2015, 04:11AM ]
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