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Amazing ThanksGiving Holiday Sale
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Tue Nov 24 2015, 10:06PM
Joseph Valenti

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Joseph Valenti
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RE: Perm Site, Kickstarter, Black Friday Sale

Date: 11-24-2015

Hello NERO world;

There are many NERO LARP projects on the table right now, and I will be announcing where we stand for each of them by the end of the year.

As you all may know, my primary focus right now is building a NERO Permanent site in Mount Gilead, NC. This site can and will serve not only the annual National NERO LARP Event in March and maybe September too, but it will also be a NERO North Carolina Chapter.

NERO is the industry leader in LARP, serving much of North America and with chapters around the world. As the leader in LARPing, NERO deserves a first class gaming site, a site that all members of the NERO community can be proud of, a site which insures the long term future of the world of NERO.

To take the property from where it was when purchased, to where it is now, has taken a considerable effort from many great volunteers. We have worked tirelessly to clear the land of debris, cut the brush, and otherwise get things setup for March 2016.

Thus far, hundreds of hours have been spent developing project plans and drawings, and I have met with duke energy engineers, building builders, the health department, the building department, the electrical department, electrical contractors, excavators, council-members for the local youth groups, and town mayor(s), commissioners and managers, about our NERO Campground Resort. The initiative has been received with enthusiasm and optimism that we’ll be able to get zoning approval and develop the NERO Campground Resort that we want.

Now is the time to start create ‘NERO LARP Road’ – our private NERO road - around the outside, blaze the walking trails throughout the grounds, build storage sheds, bring in prefabricated cabins, install the lighting and outlets in each cabin, build centralized bathroom facilities, and of course, the main attraction… NERO’s Castle. We will build a castle no matter what, it is just a matter of when and how big it will be.

I will be launching a NERO Kickstarter to help generate funds to build the Campgrounds Private Roads and Trails, The Centralized Bathroom Facilities, Thirty to Fifty Camp Spaces, 30 to 50 Cabins (each is located at a Camp Space), some sort of Food Pavilion (lots of ideas, hard to describe), and build a Castle in February March and April 2016 with enough funds.

Thus far, we have used two years of NERO revenue and my personal funds to acquire and develop the site. When finished over the next few years, this site will house up to 1000 players per event, though we are starting out small with up to 200 beds in 30 cabins in year 2016.

We are excited about many of the offerings that will be available via the Kickstarter. In conversation with the chapter owners, many great ideas were shared on what we could offer to NERO members who planned on visiting the permanent site and also those who do not plan on visiting the permanent site.

Which brings us to this post…there were some amazing ideas shared. Some so good, that I have decided to leave them off Kickstarter, and put them up on the database for a Black Friday sale. I would like to mention one in particular... Membership Renewal Discounts.
Here is how it will work:
- 5 Years for $50; 15 membership build = 15 build total.
- 10 Years for $100; 30 membership build, +5 Build bonus = 35 build total
- 20 Years for $200; 60 Membership Build, +10 Build bonus = 70 build total
- 25 Year - Lifetime membership - $250; Get 25 years of build renewal + 15 build bonus = 90 build, and membership auto-renewal and build on January 01 of each year after the end of the 25th year.

NOTE: Memberships may be purchased for another player, but are non-transferable after 30 days.

You will receive all of the membership renewal build up front.
These and other options have been added and are available for purchase in the NERO Store on at

All purchases will be managed by myself Joseph Valenti, Jon Schneider (Customer Service director) and David Cashel (Nero Ashbury Owner)

I wanted to make this offer for our existing player base as a show of gratitude for your loyalty these many years. I hope all of you can take advantage of it.

These offers will only be available until December 06, 2015, and will likely never be offered again.

Joseph Valenti
Lascivio Est Res

Owner: NERO
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