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NERO Legal and Non-Legal Coins
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Mon Sep 19 2016, 10:46PM
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This post is to help show common coins I have found in-game that are legal NERO coins, and ones that are non-legal.

Coins with a Green name and border are legal. Coins with a red name and border are non-legal. Each coin has its reverse face listed underneath itself in each picture.

Special Credit to Jason Mote for helping to identify these coins.

G1 - Non-Legal - Alliance Gold Coin, Slightly larger than NERO gold coins. "100" written on face of coin.
G2 - Legal - Standard NERO Legal gold coin.
G3 - Legal - "Kingdom of Haylem" Written on coin.
G4 - Legal - "Bloodhammer Forge" and "Stonegate Keep" Written on coin. Third coin on bottom is physically smaller, but has same faces as above coin.
G5 - Legal - "Badira" Written on coin.
G6 - Non-Legal - Game Token
G7 - Non-Legal - Game Token
G8 - Legal - Empire 5 gold coin - these are NERO legal only because they were never officially ruled illegal. These come out of Colorado.
G9 - Non-Legal - "Dutchy of Susspin *DUTY* *ONE VERLAN* *HONOR*" Written on Coin.

S1 - Non-Legal - Alliance silver coin, Slightly larger than NERO silver coins. "Duchy of Ashbury, One Noble" Written on Coin. "10" Written on reverse face.
S2 - Non-Legal - Alliance silver coin, slightly larger than NERO silver coins. "10" Written on coin.
S3 - Legal - NERO standard silver coin.
S4 - Legal - "Bloodhammer Forge" "Stonegate Keep" Written on coin.
S5 - Non-Legal - Game Token
S6 - Non-Legal - Game Token
S7 - Legal
S8 - Non-Legal - Alliance silver coin, Slightly larger than NERO silver coins. "The Duchy of Dorchak" "40 Years of Might and Justice" Written on one face, "The Kingdom of SilverThorne" "In the year of Jahonis 999" Written on reverse face.
S9 - Legal - NERO Empire coin.

C1 - Non-Legal - Alliance copper coin. Slightly larger than NERO copper coins. "1" Written on coin.
C2 - Legal - NERO standard copper coin. Copper was removed from NERO and has no use other than as a "collector's item"

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Mon Sep 19 2016, 11:44PM
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This is all correct. Thanks for compiling and posting.
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