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Store and Goblin Questions
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Mon Dec 26 2016, 07:47PM
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Hi. I'm planning on coming out to my first NERO event in March.

I have a few questions:

1) It looks like there are two online stores; one at nerolarp and one at nerolarponline. Are both stores equally valid/open?

2) What's the deal with the $85 NPC/monster masks on the nerolarponline store?

3) Is there any limitation to buying build for a character?

4) I've seen where Gob was offered for cash several times in the past (Nero site kickstarter, Game item packages). Is there a cash donation to goblin conversion rate? (I did not see one listed in the Nero Goblin Policy.)
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Mon Jan 02 2017, 11:55PM
Joseph Valenti

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-- Both sites stores are valid and active.
-- these are high quality foam masks that are made by an artist who has made masks for me since 1997. we are encouraging our members to bring the NPC gear and the masks is part of the program we're rolling out.
-- no limitations on build buying at this time. it's generally cost effective for mid level players and high levels players to get the extra few build they need for a skill or ability. If you're going to buy build as a low level character, please contact me on FB or jvalenti© so that we can discuss.
-- goblin for cash is not a general policy used by chapters - we use it for special programs and initiatives like go fund me's. You should discuss the needs of your local chapter to see what you could buy them and get goblin points for - most have a list of needs on their website.
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