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Goblin Exchange Silver Purchases and Bank Withdrawals
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Mon Mar 13 2017, 10:42PM
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When we purchase Silver through the Goblin Exchange, is it considered like any other item purchased?

I made some GobEx purchases for an upcoming event including coin, and the coin showed up in my bank.

When I inquired with my local Logistics about how I can get it (or equivalent eval items) at the game I was told:

Coin purchased on the Goblin Exchange only goes into a character's bank. Pulling coin or evaluate items at the event is subject to an exchange rate, and I will have to look that up. I will check if you can do it, or if you have to do it in play.

Is this correct? What's the point of a 1Gob/1Silver exchange rate if we cannot make use of it at a game, or are charged a 'tax' to actually get it?
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Mon Apr 10 2017, 04:19PM
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It sounds like there's a confusion between your Character's Bank and your Character's Estate Bank.

*Your purchased Silver goes into your Character Bank, commonly referred to as your Bank.
**There is no conversion Rate for your Bank, although some Chapters request/Require advance notice and may set a Cap on how much coin they'll hand out. (due to logistics issues, etc...)

*Monies received from any Estate properties you have goes into your Estate Bank.
**The money from your Estate Bank may be brought IG, but there is a conversion rate.
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