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Goblin Exchange Silver Purchases and Bank Withdrawals
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Mon Mar 13 2017, 10:42PM
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When we purchase Silver through the Goblin Exchange, is it considered like any other item purchased?

I made some GobEx purchases for an upcoming event including coin, and the coin showed up in my bank.

When I inquired with my local Logistics about how I can get it (or equivalent eval items) at the game I was told:

Coin purchased on the Goblin Exchange only goes into a character's bank. Pulling coin or evaluate items at the event is subject to an exchange rate, and I will have to look that up. I will check if you can do it, or if you have to do it in play.

Is this correct? What's the point of a 1Gob/1Silver exchange rate if we cannot make use of it at a game, or are charged a 'tax' to actually get it?
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Mon Apr 10 2017, 04:19PM
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It sounds like there's a confusion between your Character's Bank and your Character's Estate Bank.

*Your purchased Silver goes into your Character Bank, commonly referred to as your Bank.
**There is no conversion Rate for your Bank, although some Chapters request/Require advance notice and may set a Cap on how much coin they'll hand out. (due to logistics issues, etc...)

*Monies received from any Estate properties you have goes into your Estate Bank.
**The money from your Estate Bank may be brought IG, but there is a conversion rate.
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Tue May 23 2017, 04:14PM
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All "Exchange Rates" are done through the bank system in the DB. They only happen if you move silver to your estate back or back, and if you transfer silver to another character (10% I believe). Withdraws at local chapters are generally restricted to 100g max or if your local chapter allows more or less. Your local chapter is permitted to give you an evaluate item tag to represent the money value instead of giving you coin.
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