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Client Management Database Software- What to choose
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Tue Dec 05 2017, 08:57AM
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I am a project manager with a small university-based consultancy. We have a need to utilize some client management and reporting software for our activities here, but we have no idea what to choose. We have provided market research, technical assistance, and trade development services for over 500 clients (mostly small businesses).

Traditionally, we have utilized ACT! as our client management software, but it is the non-SQL version and does not have the robus features that we need.

Our needs: We need a system that log our client information, as well as the type of activity that we have performed for each client, as well as a host of identifying characteristics (county, state, revenues, markets looked at, types and numbers of services provided, etc...), and then we need it to be able to generate these types of informational reports, along with full reports for time-based queries.

The old ACT does not work, and does not appear to have the functionality we need. We have looked a project management software, but it does not appear to have the client contact management portion that we need.

What are some good programs that you could recommend that suite our needs. Our knowledge management needs to come into the 21st century, and we have a limited budget.
Any suggestion?

Please help.

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