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NERO Policy Changes to Drae and Gypsy Race / Cultures
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Tue Jan 09 2018, 02:29PM

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From the Desk of Joseph Valenti
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May 01, 2016
RE: NERO Policy Changes to Drae and Gypsy Race / Cultures
Implementation Date May 01, 2016
1. From the above date, with a pending review of this policy within 2 years, all existing and new players of the Drae Race in NERO LARP Events shall be permitted to choose between the existing Black color we’ve enjoyed for 27 years and a Gray color preferably not to exceed the darkness of Mehron’s Monster Grey.
2. Many NERO Members travel off the event facility during the event for every reason imaginable (groceries, clothing, make-up, medicine, etc.), and as Geeks and Nerds who readily accept other geeks and nerds into our theatrics based LARP community, we find it easy to make a store run while in make-up and or costume, and that includes our Actors and Members wearing partial or full Drae Race make up
3. The NERO LARP Organization has grown tremendously in its 27 years, our members adopting errata, addendum and full-on Rules changes all meant to make the events we enjoy even better,
4. We’ve all seen the world’s view regarding the use of Black Make-Up on a Caucasian person, also called Black-Face by the media, and some people don’t like it.
5. Certainly, the use of black make-up by NERO Members was not meant to be bigoted, and we’d like it to be remembered that way.
6. As with all of the Races and Cultures depicted by our original writers, the depiction of a culture from around the world was done to honor those different cultures, not to ridicule or make fun of them. While we’re not changing the way the actual race acts, we are evaluating the NERO LARP Races and making sure that we aren’t using real slur words to describe our fantasy races.
7. If a dark elf goes into a gas station in fresh makeup and full costume it's easy to explain... If a dark elf goes into a gas station after a night of fighting and took his gear off first... It might be hard to explain and we might end up with Nero on the local news
8. Additionally, when looking at Hollywood, we see very few Black-faced monsters we look at theatre and its make-up choices, monster gray is in existence, and monster black is not.
9. When originally contacted about our use and depiction of Gypsies, and our use of Rom and Romany, I was quite surprised that individuals would take our depiction of them as negative, until I read other countries definitions of those terms and found the words we used were slur words.
10. Finding it difficult to argue with individuals who express a distaste at the use of black-colored-make-up for the Drae Race and many of the Monsters in the World of Tyrra, and after reviewing the terms Gypsy, Rom and Romany, we decided that changing it was the right thing to do and further that the long term image of the NERO LARP Organization would benefit from the changes instead of arguments, and our action put us more in-line with the rest of the theatrical industry.
11. The NERO LARP Races and Cultures mimic existing races, cultures and ethnicities as a way to make each race and culture unique in the NERO LARP World of Tyrra.
12. If we chose the wrong words to glorify those people in our race handbooks, let’s change it and move on and enjoy the game.
13. Over the next 2 years, other makeup shades will be experimented with and approved on a case by case basis.
1. No new NPC creatures should ever appear in full black makeup. Black makeup should be augmented by a minimum of 30% with either another color or uncovered skin that clearly separates an NPC race from the existing Dark Elf makeup standards.
2. Any existing NPC races that currently use full black need to change their makeup standards to accommodate this change. This could include going with a completely different color in replacement of black.
3. Local DE NPC’s are exempt from this but must adhere to the PC rulings regarding this matter. National DE NPC’s are not exempt.
1. All new DE PC’s will be required to be grey or other approved shading starting January 1 2017.
2. Chapters may implement a policy of grey makeup for all existing DE players and new DE players, anytime after June 01, 2016.
3. Players in Chapters that do not mandate a grey standard may choose to stay with the traditional black makeup or go to a lighter shading of grey.
4. Players may augment their makeup with clan symbols and visible spirit marks and transform markings. The markings should be visible.
5. No player shall ever wear full black makeup offsite while exiting a NERO event.
6. NERO Chapter Owners or National may choose to deny a member the option of playing a makeup race at any time for the following:
a. Poor makeup standards
b. Poor role-playing standards
c. Deviating from the approved race packets (or making things up that simply don’t exist in the NERO world)
d. Safety
e. Poor sportsmanship
7. Monster Grey can be found at under the Starblend section.
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