23/03 :  NERO LARP Office Announces Trace Moriarty as The Director of Evendarrian Royal Court Story.


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March 23, 2013

Contact: Joseph Valenti
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The NERO Office is proud to announce the appointment of Trace Moriarty as The Director of the King of Evendarr and Royal Court Story.

Trace started her NERO membership in Massachusetts more than 20 years ago and has held various out of game and in game roles for the chapters and national throughout the years.

Recently, she successfully directed the actions of the Evendarr Kingdom actors during the 2013 National Event in Atlanta Georgia which saw the coronation of a new King.

Her role with NERO National will be focused on Directing The King of Evendarr and the Royal Court including coordinating the actors in their roles.

Please join us in welcoming Trace Moriarty to the NERO National Plot team.

Joseph Valenti

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